U.S. Episode # 28:


The Punchy Pokemon 

When Ash and the gang are walking they see a Hitmonchan running.Ash then tries to capture the Hitmonchan by sending Pikachu.

Finally Pikachu faints, and Ash discovers thet the Pokémon wasn´t wild.After that a girl ask Ash to defeat her dad´s Hitmonchan in the Grand Prix P1(a tournament only for fighting pokémon).Ash then decides to compete with Primeape and Brock will compete with Geodude.Team Rocket wants to participate too, so they steal a Hitmonlee.

The tournament starts with Primeape vs Machop , Machop uses seismic toss but ash saves primeape, primeape now understands thet Ash is your friend and wins the match.The second fight is with Hitmonlee vs Geodude, Hitmonlee starts kicking Geodude so Brock gives up and trust in Ash to win the tournament.After a few battles Primeape is one of the finalists.The winner of the battle between Hitmonlee and Hitmonchan will fight Primeape.Hitmonlee wins because Meowth put some glue on the stage so Hitmonchan cannot move.Hitmonlee is fighting primeape.Pikachu discovers thet Team Rocket is planning to electrocute the stage.

But Pikachu disconnect it.Primeape evade a kick and starts hitting Hitmonlee, finally Primeape wins by using Seismic Toss.

Ash leaves Primeape with Hitmonchan´s trainer and leaves.

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a great episode if you luv battles (i do) and want to see cool poke'mon.

it starts out as rebecca tries to prove that her dads Hitmonchan isnt the greatest so he comes home.


hitmonchan wins and the dad is more syced to enter the P1GRAND PRI. to beat hitmonchan Ash selectes primape. Brock also selects Geodude. but team rocket enters and steals a Hitmonlee.


primape is seisemic tossed, but when Ash catches him so Primeape obeys what he says now and wins the battle


Geo dude cant get in hitmonlee's kicks and the DAD tells Brock a real trainer nos when yo throw in the towel and brock gives up, even though he "loves" rebecca


meowth puts glue in the ring and hitmonchan is stuck. hitmonlee goes to finish it off but rebecca jumps in front of hitmonchan. knowing he will lose, the dad punches the hitmonlee away and gives up


hitmonlee starts off winning, then primape gets inside the kicks and attacks. hitmonlee jumps into the air and primape is ready to finish it off but team rocket pushes a button to shock primape.pikachu steals the device and primape wins. team rocket finds the device and it blows up in there hands. ash hands primape over to the guy when he promises to go home.

i wouldnt of let primape go to him myself and have a loyal fighting pokemon.


reviwed by shep glennon


Dear Pojo,

This is a review of Episode 28,

Ash and his friends continue their journey, then Ash found a wild Hitmonchan 
and he tries to catch it. He teaches Pikachu the basics of boxing. Pikachu
tries to knock Hitmonchan out but Pikachu couldn't. Then Ash finds out that
the Hitmonchan belongs to a trainer. After a while, the trainers daughter
told her Dad to come home. The trainer says that he won't come home until he
is P-1 champ. The P-1 is a tournament for trainers to compete for the P-1
champ belt.

Team Rocket sees the belt and James and Meowth thought of how much food
they could buy if they sold the belt. Jessie says she would get a makeover.

Later Team Rocket found a trainer named the "Giant" who had a Hitmonlee.
Jessie and James Robbed the man and stole his Hitmonlee.  
Later Ash and pals decide to compete in the competition so the trainer 
would lose and come home. Ash, using his Primape, had trouble at first 
beating the Machop. Then Primape flew of the ring and Ash caught Primape in
his hand. After the incident Primape trusted Ash. 

At the end, Ash ends up as P-1 Champ. At the end of the episode, Ash
gives the trainer his Primape. As Ash and gang leaves Primape waves farewell
as Ash goes away.

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The Punchy Pokemon

the episode begins when ash sees a "wild" hitmonchan. ash makes pikachu fight it. pikachu loses. ash finds out it was not wild when its trainer came. at that point his daughter jumps out and says "daddy please come home".He says not until he wins the p-1 pokemon tournament. he leaves. the daughter tells ash and friends that her dad is trying to compete in a tounament for fighting pokemon(p-1 tournament) and the only way to make him come home is for ash And Brock to enter the P-1 and beat him. meanwhile team rocket wants to enter the p-1 because 1st prize is a golden belt. so they steal a hitmonlee and dress up as the trainer(they stand on top of each other under a big coat. they also set a trap to blow up primeape with a bomb under the fighting area.-------------------Ash and Brock make it far (brock throws in the towel) and ash is fighting hitmonlee and the bomb is about to go of but pikachu takes it and gives it to meowth.boom!!! the tournament is over and ash wins. he leaves his primeape with hitmonchan trainer so he can train it .The End

R. Saylor


This episode starts out with a Hitmonchan running up a hill, it then quickly goes over to Ash, Brock, Misty, and Pikachu, as they see the "wild" Hitmonchan. Ash claims that he is going to capture the Hitmonchan, using his Pikachu. After he pulls out his pokedex to check it's information, he tries to send out Pikachu, but he won't budge! Ash tells it not to be scared and that he will teach him "My secret punch." Brock and Misty criticize Ash as he teaches the secret punch to pikachu.

Now Pikachu is ready and goes out to fight the pokemon, he gets one good lick on the Hitmonchan, with the punch that Ash taught him. Then Hitmonchan, knocks Pikachu out. Hitmonchans trainer comes out and tries to give Hitmonchan a few tips, after he wins! Hitmonchan and his trainer sees the trainers daughter, She says to her father to come home. He says he won't come home until he wins the P-1 championship( a fighting pokemon tournament) As team Rocket find out aboujt this they both dream of a different thing the could use the belt for, like selling it.

Well eveyone, except Misty join the tournament, even team rocket after they steal a Hitmonlee. Ash uses his Primape and Brock uses his Geodude. Primape is almost defeated because he won't listen to Ash, but Ash gives him a short pep talk and the win the battle. Brock loses aginst a Hitmonlee as he throws in the towel.The battle narrows down to Hitmonlee and Hitmonchan. Team Rocket puts glue underneath hitmonchan so Hitmonlee can beat it better. His trainer throws in the towel. Then Primape and Hitmonlee battle. Meowth sticks a bomb under the ring that will shock primape and then explode underneath him. Pikachu takes it out and hands it to them as it goes off. "Team Rocket is blasting off again" Ash lets Primape stay with Hitmonchans trainer so it could get better fighting skills and the trainer agrees to stay home with his daughter. The End.



Here's the review for The Punchy Pokemon:

It starts out with Ash and co. walking down a road. Ash has a serious look on his face. Then they see a Hitmonchan jogging toward them punching at the air. Ash gets excited and looks in his pokedex. Then he sends out pikachu, but he doesn't want to go. He's scared. Ash reassures pikachu that he will win. Ash says he'll teach pikachu a special move and nobody will be able to defeat him. So Ash takes pikachu aside and teaches him the move. Then Ash asks the Hitmonchan if he will battle pikachu. Hitmonchan excepts and the battle begins. The special move was the Rocket Punch. It hurt Hitmonchan, but not enough. Hitmonchan came back at pikachu and won. Then a guy comes up to Hitmonchan and says, "I declare Hitmonchan the winner!" To Ash's dissapointment, he was Hitmonchan's trainer. Which meant Ash coudn't catch him. Suddenly, a girl runs from behind the tree and says, "Daddy come home."

He tells her that he won't stop until he's the best. Then he runs off with Hitmonchan.

The girl turns around and asks if they could do her a favor. Brock starts blushing and says he'll do anything. Then she says that she wants them to beat her father in the POKEMON GRAND PREE.Which is an event where only fighting type pokemon fight for the belt as a grand prize. So Ash and Brock say they'll do it.

Team Rocket finds out about the Grand Pree and decide to enter. So they steal a Hitmonlee from another trainer.

At the Grand Pree...

The first match is Brock vs. Team Rocket. Brock chooses Geodude. Team Rocket chooses Hitmonlee. Hitmonlee wins. The second round is Ash vs. another trainer. The other trainer chooses Machop. Ash chooses Primeape. Primeape didn't listen to Ash, he just fought the way he wanted. Machop did Seismic Toss and through Primeape out of the ring, but Ash cought Primeape before he hit the ground. Primeape started to listen to Ash and Primeape won. Soon it was left to three trainers Ash, the girl's father, and Team Rocket. Team Rocket beat the girl's father by cheating. They put glue on the stadium floor and Hitmonchan was stuck.

The next match was Ash vs. Team Rocket. Meowth planted a bomb at the bottom of the stage that they were fighting on. Pikachu overheard what Meowth said about the bomb and went to tell Ash, but Ash was too into the match to hear pikachu. So pikachu went under the stage. Team Rocket had Hitmonlee jump. Meowth pushed the but, it didn't work. Just then, pikachu came from under the stage and handed the bomb to Meowth. Then it went off. Primeape Seismic Tossed Hitmonlee and won.

The girl's father said he'd spend more time with her. Ash left Primeape with him so he could get better training.



The Punchy Pokémon