U.S. Episode # 27:


Pokemon Fashion Flash

Brock has led Ash and Misty to Scissors Street in Celadon City. Ash and Misty
don't know why, but they walk along with him. As they see several Pokémon
beauty parlors. Misty remembers that Scissors Street is also known as
Breeder's Lane, and both she and Ash agree that that's why Brock's here.
Brock doesn't answer them, and continues to look. Misty comes across the
newest salon that has opened, Salon Roquét. Inside, the two stylists (Jessie
and James) are working on a Raichu and Dodrio. They finish, and their owner
loves what they did. The Pokémon, on the other hand, disagree, but they go
along with it. Meowth is at the cash register, gleefully counting money. He
tells Jessie and James, that they're spend too much.
    Outside, Misty thinks about getting in line, when Brock finds what he was
looking for. They go inside, and find Susie, a Pokémon breeder, taking care
of a Chansey. The owner comes in and takes the Pokémon, thanking Susie on an
excellent job. Susie turns to Ash and his friends and asks them if they have
come to treat their Pokémon. Ash replies that they're just looking around,
Brock starts to stutter, and Misty sees a Vulpix sleeping on a chair. She
runs over and picks him up. The grumpy Vulpix burns Misty with a fire attack
and jumps back onto the chair, yawns, and goes back to sleep. Susie tells her
that Vulpix doesn't like strangers, and Brock calls out Susie's name. He
introduces himself and tells her that he wants to become a breeder like her.
He stumbles all over his words, but finally spits out the main reason he is
in her salon: He wants to be her apprentice. Everyone is astounded, including
Susie. Ash asks why Brock wants to do this, and he explains that Susie has
won many awards for her salon, going on and on. He starts on Vulpix, but Ash
stops him. Susie is flattered, but declines, saying that she is still
learning herself.
    Later, during lunch, Susie compliments Brock on his food making
abilities, noting that Pikachu has a nice, shiny coat. Vulpix jumps onto the
table, and approaches Pikachu's plate. She sniffs the food, and starts to
happily eat. Brock is extremely flattered that she likes his food. Susie is
surprised as well, saying that Vulpix only ate food that she herself had
made. Misty brings up the subject of Salon Roquét, asking if the flashy
Pokémon is the newest trend. Susie explains that ever since the Rockets'
Salon opened, trainers have been trying to make their Pokémon as flashy as
possible. Ash agrees that it is stupid to show off, but Misty disagrees,
saying that even Pokémon like to get dressed up. Ash starts to argue with her
about the subject, while Brock and Susie look on. Ash suggests that Misty
takes Psyduck over to the new Salon, and she agrees. She releases Psyduck,
and they hurry over. Susie wonders aloud if she should change her methods per
the new trend, but Brock tells her not to, saying that if people want style
over substance, they'll give them substance with style.
    Later, Brock, Susie, and Ash do a lecture on care, with Susie doing the
talking and demonstrating with Pikachu. At Salon Roquét’s, the line outside
gets shorter and shorter, as more and more people go to watch the lecture.
The owner of the Chansey from before approaches her and tells her about the
lecture. Back at Susie's, Susie has Ash massage Pikachu's cheeks as an
example. Brock announces his opinion as to how a technique is only as good as
the trainer or breeder who uses it. Several people look at their Pokémon,
thinking about this.
    At Salon Roquét, Jessie and James finish up on the Squirtle they were
working in, and asks the next customer to come in. Much to their surprise,
it's Misty with Psyduck. They grin, and pull her into a chair. They do a
little make-over, and Misty loves it. Jessie and James continue to work on
her, but Meowth pipes up, saying that they need to think of a way to capture
the Pikachu she hangs around with. Misty recognizes him, and Jessie and James
beat up on him a little bit for blowing their cover. He slashes at them,
ripping their clothes to shreds, and reveling their Team Rocket uniforms
underneath. They grab Misty, and she calls for Psyduck. However, Psyduck has
left, and is hurrying over to Susie's Salon. Once he gets there, tells Ash
through Pikachu that Misty is in trouble, and they all rush over to Salon
Roquét, bursting through the door. They see Misty's face, and hold back a
laugh. Team Rocket tells them that they're doing some beauty research on
Misty, and Susie scoffs at them, saying that it's what on the inside that
counts. Team Rocket is about to respond, when Meowth scratches their faces,
reminding them that the whole Salon Roquét thing was a scam. Meowth then goes
on to explain how they planned to make a lot of money of stupid people, and
if someone brought in a rare Pokémon, they'd take it. Jessie tells them that
they'll trade Misty for Pikachu, but Ash and Brock refuse and prepare to
battle. James pushes a button, and the salon explodes. When the dust settles,
Misty is at the top of a flight of stairs, and Jessie and James are wearing
soldier and Southern Belle costumes (respectively). Koffing and Ekans come
out and Ash sends out Pikachu, with Brock's Geodude helping. Koffing is
successfully able to put them out of commission with a Sludge attack, and
Jessie tells Koffing and Ekans to finish them off. Unfortunately, their
costumes get caught, and they trip. They pick themselves up, and Meowth
attacks Pikachu and Geodude with them. Just as they are about to hit, Vulpix
jumps out and uses Fire Spin. The tornado of fire scoops up Team Rocket and
their Pokémon, and hurl them into the air.

    Brock tells the crowd how exterior beauty can hide inner strength, and

they all rub off the makeup on their Pokémon. Psyduck unties Misty, and they
all return to Susie's Salon. Ash and his friends thank Susie and Vulpix, and
she thanks them for restoring her confidence in her methods. She tells Brock
how impressed she was as to how he handled his Pokémon, and tells him that
she has decided to give her Vulpix. She tells him that he is the first person
other than she herself whom Vulpix has been friendly with, and tells him that
he would do a better job raising Vulpix than she would. Brock puts Vulpix
into a Pokéball, and Misty and Ash look at each other. Ash notices Misty's
makeup once again, and laughs, angering her. As they wave their good-byes to
Susie, Team Rocket is chased by several angry trainers who want their money
back. Better luck next time...

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