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      Episode # 238 - Pokémon Magic! A Great Change!


  Ash, Brock and Misty are still on their way to their next Gym in Blackthorn City. As they walk through the countryside, they hear a loud, shrill cry. As they sound come closer, they gang relaise what it is. Brock claims that it's a Murkrow and that they're don't normally live around here so, it must be a trainers. With that a girl runs along and grabs Pikachu and says she found it atlast. She introduces herself as Lily and says that the Murkrow is hers. She says that she was so excited about finding Pikachu because she needs Pikachu's lightning for a potion she's making. Brock tries to flirt with her, but, as usual Misty objects.

Lily claims that she's one of the last Pokémon sorcerors in existance and that she got here Pokémon magic book from her Great Grandmother. Lily send away Murkrow and says that she's experimenting by making a potion fro baby-soft skin. She gets out a cauldron and starts to add different ingredients:

1 x Dugtrio Dirt
1 x Electric Hair Of Flaaffy
1 x Magikarp Scales
1 x Muk Slime
1 x Powdered Stantler Horn
1 x Jynx Petal Kisses
1 x Curd Of Miltanks Milk
1 x Juice Of A Shuckle

Murkrow returns and Lily tells Ash and Co. that Murkrow's found a place where Parasect dwell. The gang wonders why she wants to know the location of Parasect. She replies that another key ingredient is Parasects Stun Spore and that Murkrow knows the way. So, the gang follow Murkrow into the depths of the forest and sneak up upon a group of the Bug Pokémon. They see one parasect on its lonesome and decide to follow it. As they get closer, Misty starts to Bug Out (excuse the punn). Ash decides to challenge the Pokémon to the battle so they can obatin the Stun Spore. Lily tells Murkrow to protect Ash and Pikachu from the other poisonous powders that Parasect may emit and the battle starts:

Pikachu + Murkrow Vs Parasect

Pikachu - Thunderbolt
Parasect - Poison Powder
Murkrow - Protects Pikachu With Gust
Pikachu - Thundershock
Parasect - Poison Powder

Mission Completed Wahey!!!

Lily sucks up the powder with a portable vacuum cleaner and then a noise is heard. A robotic arm grabs Pikachu and then they realise that it's TR. Ash and Co. are pretty angry put Lily is all of a sudden excited again! She tells Ash that she needs Nail Clippings of a Meowth. She then sends up Murkrow to get the ingredient but, Murkrow messes up. He gets confused by TR and ends up releasing Pikachu and bursting the balloon. The balloon then flies behind some trees and out of site. The gang are persuaded to follow the path that the balloon took and eventually find it. The balloon is caught on some rocks and TR are in danger of falling. Lily tells Murrkow to get the Nail Clippings and it succeeds this time, only to cause TR fall down the gorge.

Next on the ingredients list is the Tears Of An Aipom. The gang aset out looking for an Aipom and after a while they find one. They corner it around a tree and are just about to capture it when.... TR return. They steal Lily's magic book and the Aipom thinking they can make money out of the potions. Lily and Misty demand they give the book back. Of course they decline and run away (LOL). Lily sends Murkrow after them but, meowth knocks it to the ground with the mechanical claw. Liliy starts roaring and the gang tryand make her feel better.

TR stop running and rest on the floor. jesse and James try and read the text but can't. James realises that it's a different Pokémon language, and ancient language. James says they should hurry up before they get found out. Jesse trys hitting Aipom to make it cry but meowth and James soon stop here. James then gets out a sad magazine trying to make it cry but the Pokémon just sits there. Meowth tries to put on a puppet show but Aipom seems pretty bored. The funny thing is, James starts crying at the show. Jesse decides to tell it the sad story that is her life but Aipom goes to sleep lol. Ash and Co arrive on the scene and demand for the Pokémon and the magical items to be returned. TR decline again start a battle:

Murkrow Vs Arbok

Arbok - Pin-Missile
Murkrow - Icy Wind
Arbok - Faints

Pikachu Vs Weezing

Weezing - Sludge
Pikachu - Thunderbolt
Murkrow - Swift
Pikachu - Thunderbolt
TR - We're blasting off Aggaaaaaaiiiiinnnnnn!!!!!!!

At that point Aipom falls off the cliff and Brock and Misty catch it. Aipom finds this funny and starts in fits of laughter. Aipom laughs soooooo hard that he starts to cry. Ash catches the tears in a a beaker and hands it to Lily. She then heats it up and it starts to smoke. Pikcahu then Thunderbolt attacks the beaker and hands it to Ash (Why Ash wants baby-soft skin is not worth worrying about). Ash drinks it and then he starts feeling a bit strange. Suddenly he starts to feel dizzy and burts into a puff of smoke!

At once there became a defening silence. Ash awakes and finds himself on the floor. He looks up and notices that Brock, Misty and Lily had grown, or was it he who had shrunk! Ash looks around at his body and relaises he's turned into a Pikachu!!!! Misty and Lily get worried and look in book to find out why Ash is a Pokémon. They can't find out the reason because the book is smudged. Lily remembers that Pokémon magic wears off after a while so everyone is relieved. Ash starts enjoying his life and runs around. After the boredom set in. The gang decide to bid farewell to Lily and continue on their road to the next Gym.

Who's That Pokemon?: Murkrow

Thanks a lot to Rico44 for writing this review!


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