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      Episode # 206 - Machoke, Machoke Man!


  Ash, Misty, Brock and Janina (a girl who was assistant to Jasmine, the wannabe) sail toward Cianwood city. First they got to the store to get Ampharos's medicine. After they said goodbye to Janina, Ash walked toward to Cianwood gym. But then they stopped, because they saw a man on a field battling with Machoke!

As they seen the battle, the man was just practicing Machoke's powerfull attacks. He dodged every one of them until he got attacked by Karate Chop. And then he ran crying to Machoke and they hugged. Then he saw Ash and others and called them down. He talked about his Machoke's training for a while, and after made them do some exercise. They were marching while walking to the Gym. When they came there, Ash and co. saw students with Pokemon who called the man their teacher. Then man introduced himself as Chuck, the fighting Gym Leader of this Gym. He called them inside to have a little snack. But snack wasn't so little. Everybody got a big plate with porridge stuff including little Pikachu. That plate was bigger than it itself. After having a good meal, Chuck called Ash to battle with him. But Chuck's wife said that her Flabby (thats what she called Chuck) will be no match for Ash.

The battle started. As weird as always, Chuck said that in this two-on-two battle he will use Poliwrath and Machoke (he shouldn't tell what Pokemon he's gonna use). Poliwrath came out of Pokeball. As Ash's strategy he chose Pikachu. Pikachu started out with its Thunderbolt but, Poliwrath dodged it. Then Ash commanded Pikachu to use Thunderbolt one after another. Poliwrath dodged some of these, but last one shocked. Even if Water Pokemon are weak against Electric, Poliwrath still didn't faint yet. Pikachu tried its Quick Attack, and Poliwrath dodged it again. Then it used Doubleslap, and after Tackle. For some reason Pikachu fainted. On another side Team Rocket are walking weakly. Then they saw a small house and run in. There they saw a big bowl filled with porridge. They ate the whole bowl, and then Chuck's wife came in. She thought that Team Rocket were Chuck's students. She gave them to do some chores for her. And said if they do, they are going to have a great meal after. So Team Rocket went crazy!

Ash chose Bayleaf as his last Pokemon for this battle. Bayleaf started out with its Razorleaf, and then Vine Whip knocked Poliwrath down. Then Chuck chose Machoke. But first he commanded it to use Karate Chop on him to get into shape. Ash tried to do the same thing with Bayleaf. Bayleaf used Body Slam on Ash, and Ash tried to stay on his feet. After it the real battle started. Bayleaf just kept dodging all of Machoke's attacks, but that still didn't help. Machoke tried to use its Mega Punch which hardly attacked Bayleaf. Bayleaf was still in the battle. It used its Vine Whip to wrap Machoke's hands. They kept pulling to each others side.Then Machoke used Submission, and it and Bayleaf rolled together. Bayleaf then got blown into the air, but its Vine Whips were still attached to Machoke. Then by slightly moves Bayleaf threw Machoke on the battlefield. And after then used Razorleaf. While Machoke was still weak, it used Body Slam and finished Machoke! Chuck returned his Machoke and handed Ash his Storm badge. While it was dark, Ash called to Olivine city if he can go back. But Janine said even after medicine Ampharos still needs some time to recover, so Ash dodn't know what to do. Chuck and his wife said that Ash can try to go visit Whirl Islands, in case he interested in some rare Pokemon living there. Ash agreed and took the ticket to Whirl Islands.

Team Rocket were sitting on the stairs full of food and happy. At least they didn't get blasted off in this episode.

This episode finishes at Ash, Misty and Brock are sailing off to Whirl Islands!

Thanks to Alexandre Riabinine for writing this for us!


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