Episode # 205 - Onix Gym Leader! Lighthouse Time!


  Ash has finally reached Olivine City! Ash tells them not to hesitate any longer and heads straight towart to the Gym. Misty and Brock totally agree and follow.

Meanwhile, in trashcans, Team Rocket was spying on them and decide to follow Ash and co. But first, they'll eat. James spots a large tower and thinks its a department store. Team Rocket decides to head to it.

Once they arrived there, the Tower guards stops them! They explain that this is the Battle Tower and at least three badges are required to enter. They don' t have any of course and leave.

Meanwhile, Ash enters the Gym and is welcomed by a girl that introduces herself as the Gym Leader, Jasmine. Ash challengers her and she accepts.
Ash sends out his Totodile and Jasmine sends out an Onix, who is covered by something. Ash tells Totodile to use Water Gun as it does, and apparently seems to damage the Onix at first, but then, the Onix resembles the attack and uses Tackle agains Totodile, knocking him out!

Ash tells Pikachu to use a Quick Attack first, but gets stopped by another girl, who introduces herself as the real Jasmine! Ash then asks who this is, and Jasmine explains that this is her sidekick wanna-be, and always tries to defeat my challengers first. The girl walks out a bit depressed.

Ash then challenges the real Jasmine, who says she has got some other things to do, first. Later, Ash can challenge her. Ash and co decide to go to the park, and decide what to do next. They see the sidekick wanna-be who's still depressed. Ash decides to cheer her up by talking to her.

The girl sidekick says that Jasmine is up to something in the Light House and that that's the reason why she fights no more. Ash decides to go to the Light House and check it out. There, they see Jasmine and an ill Ampharos!

Jasmine explains that in the old days, Ampharos was the only lighthouse, since his tail gives off a shiny bright light at night. But a new one was build when Ampharos got ill, and now seems not to become better again. She remembers some guy over in Cianwood City may have got a Medicine, but she is too busy to get it. Ash says to Jasmine he'll go and get it.

Team Rocket is in the Lighthouse too, and spying on Ash again. Jasmine spots them and Team Rocket runs out, scared. Brock decides to take the Ampharos out anyway, just if Team Rocket might come back to capture him. Just when Brock is at the exit, a cage comes over him, capturing both him and the Ampharos!

Team Rocket flies off with their balloon. Outside, the Jasmine sidekick wanna-be is still walking a bit depressed. She sees Brock in the cage and meets the gang. She sends out her Onix agian, at Jessie's Arbok to distract Team Rocket.
While they fight, the girl climbs on a rock, breaking the cage open and freeing Brock and Ampharos!

The Onix let Team Rocket blast off, and Ash says to Jasmine he'll go to Cianwood now. He rents a boat and heads to Cianwood...

MADE BY NICK SUMMERS (www.remylebeau60@hotmail.com)


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