Episode # 204 - Mother Miltank – Desert Secret!


  Ash and co continue heading to Olivine, and find out the road is longer than expected. Ash and Pikachu fall into a hall, and realize it has been made by Team Rocket!

As it really has, as they fly over in their Meowth balloon. Misty and Brock help Ash and Pikachu out, and Ash sends out Cyndaquil to fight. James sends out his Weezing, wich uses a big Explosion, knocking out Cyndquil! The Explosion is so big, that Team Rocket blasts off, as well does Cyndaquil.

Ash and co follow quickly after Cyndaquil, but seem not to find it anymore. Brock tells them to go to the Pokémon Center to think.
There, Nurse Joy tells them there is a Pokémon sanctuary nearby, all cared by Pokémon themselves. Ash goes to find it, and Brock and Misty follow, only Nurse Joy realizes she hasn't told them yet where to find it!

Meanwhile, Cyndaquil wakes up, knocked out. He is spotted by a Sandshrew and a Butterfree. Cyndaquil wakes up, but collapse immediately after. A Dugtrio dig Cyndaquil up, and seem to bring him somewhere.

Team Rocket wakes up too, and complain about their defeat. They spot the Dugtrio with Cyndaquil and decide to go after it. They don't want any trouble with Dugtrio and throw Meowth into it. Meowth lands out its face, nearby the Dugtrio, and faints out.

Another Dugtrio shows up and carries Meowth along with Cyndaquil as well. Jessie and James decide to follow them. They make it to the sanctuary, wich is guarded by two Exeggutor. The Dugtrio are allowed in and Jessie and James decide to follow them. Exeggutor gets mad and uses Hypnosis that makes Jessie and James walk away.

In the sanctuary, a Miltank appears and takes care of Meowth and Cyndaquil. His tail lights up and becomes blue, wich somehow heals both Meowth and Cyndaquil!

Outside, Ash and co are passed by the hypnotised Jessie and James, who just walk away. Ash decides to take the road wich Team Rocket came from and make it to the sanctuary. Brock spots the two Exeggutor and realizes they must put an Hypnosis to Jessie and James and doesn't want to get Hypnotised too. He sends out his Onix, who Digs in a hole and Ash and co follow it through.

Meanwhile, Jessie and James have hit a big stone and wake up from their Hypnosis. They get angry for being defeated like that and decide to back and steel the other Pokémon.

Ash and co have found the sanctuary, but are hunted away by angry Beedrill, Pidgeotto and Krabby. Ash can pass them through, though, and makes it to his Cyndaquil. He wants to take him, but more Pokémon try to hunt him away.

Team Rocket drops in and send out Arbok and Weezing to defeat all the Pokémon, including the Miltank. Meowth tells them not to harm Miltank, as she took care of him. The two Pokémon listen to Meowth and decide not to listen anymore to their trainers. Team Rocket calls their Pokémon back, and use a net to capture the Miltank. They head off in their balloon.

Ash tells Cyndaquil to use Flamethrower, wich is so powerful now that it blasts off Team Rocket and even drop the net.
Ash sends out Bayleef, who uses Vine Whip and cuts the net open, freeing the Miltank.

Miltank gives Ash his Cyndaquil back and is happy of course.

They say goodbye from all the Pokémon and continue towart Olivine...




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