Episode # 203 - The Joy of Water Pokemon


  The gang arrives at the next Pokémon Center. Brock explains that this center is very well known and famous for their extraordinary care for Water Pokémon.

They head to a nearby river, in the hope to get to see some Water Pokémon. Then, bubbles rise from the water and the gang wounder what it could be!

A person and two Chansey come out of the water, holding an injured Goldeen. It is Nurse Joy! Nurse Joy and Chansey hurry in, and heal the Goldeen and put it then back into the water.

Ash congratulates Joy for her work and Brock falls instantly in love with Joy, but Misty drags him away as usual. Joy mentions to Ash that he has done some good work too, as she sees how wel his Pikachu looks.

Meanwhile, Team Rocket is in their new Tentacruel submarine, looking through a telescope to Ash and co. They decide to enter the Pokémon Center and steal all their Pokémon, but are distracted by another Tentacruel, who takes them for real!

Back to Ash, Nurse Joy gives Pikachu a heal-up. When Misty asks Joy to take care of her Water Pokémon too, Joy hesitates a bit and runs off scared.
Ash and co go after her and Joy explains what's wrong. When she was a child, she was having a picknic with her mother and younger sister. Suddenly, a Remoraid rised from the water and squirted a Water Gun into Joy's face. Joy felt behind and pushed her sister into the water. Luckely, Joy's mom was quick to react and rescued her sister. And since then, Joy has always been a bit scared of Water type Pokémon.

Misty begins to annoy herself, but Brock falls in and tells Joy she has done a lot of good things in her life. Joy asks surprised what they might be a Brock shows a book, written by a Joy who works here at the Pokémon Center. He explains that in this book, Joy has written how she found this town, all deserted and build it up by her own. When Brock asks her to sign his book, Joy says she doesn' want to, as the book was written by her Grandmother.

Brock pick out another book, again written by a Joy. In this book, Joy writes about the time she helped the Grimer and Muk out of the town, who were about to poison the whole town. Joy explains that book has also not be written by here, but by her Mother and starts crying again.

Meanwhile, Team Rocket has seemed to escape from the Tentacruel and found a way into the Pokémon Center. They find out their a whole lot of Pokémon here and can' t decide wich once to steal.

At the back, they hear Ash and Joy entering the other room. Ash sees an injured Gyarados in a watertank and askes what's wrong. Joy says this one is in very much pain, but she is just too scared to help him out. Misty says she can understand her now, as she finds Gyarados scary too, but Ash replies Gyarados are cool because of their hughe strength.

Team Rocket drops in their Tentacruel sub, and capture the injured Gyarados and Pikachu. Pikachu easily gets loose by using a Thunder Bolt and frees the Gyarados as well. Team Rocket blasts off and fall back into the water.

Gyarados falls on the ground and in pain. Nurse Joy can't see the Pokémon lying their crippeling and decides to help him anyway. With the help of the gang, she recovers the Gyarados.

Nurse Joy replies nothing has changed and that she is still scared of Water Pokémon, but will try not to think about that, as she is still a Pokémon Nurse and bound to heal Pokémon.

Ash and the gang say goodbye and head off, toward their new destination.



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