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      Episode # 198 - Doin' what comes Natu-rally!


  Ash and the gang have made it to a marquet, in wich a one-day evenement takes place, that let Pokémon show their unique tallents only they possese.

There are a lot of Psychic Pokémon present. Misty sees a future seener and want him to predict her future. Ash and Brock laugh at it, as they do not believe in it. Misty doesn't care and let the predicter predict.

The predicters name is McKenzie and uses a Natu to help him. Ash learns from his Pokédex that Natu is a Psychic Pokémon and can prodict the future.

As McKenzie starts, Natu starts too and uses Psychic to see in the future and shows it into McKenzies mind. But, Natu makes some mistakes and tells the future of some others! McKenzie runs off scared, takes Natu and his place with him and doesn't predicts Misty future anymore!

When the gang answers what that was all about, McKenzies father approaches them and explains that his son can be a good predicter, but is too scared to work with humans and runs most of the time scared away.

The gang decides to go after McKenzie and search for him. In the mean time, Team Rocket has viewed all this and decide to steal Natu, as it would be a great present for their Boss, who can them show him his future successes. They decide to go after McKenzie too and steal his Pokémon.

The gang has then found McKenzie, as he appologizes to Misty for not telling her future. Misty claims that if McKenzie would wear a mask, he wouldn't have to look at people and so he would be able to predict better. McKenzie finds this a good idea and is willing to try it out.

Then Team Rocket attacks and is about to steal the Pokémon again. Natu defends itself and is able to defeat Team Rocket. The gang and McKenzie return to the festival and McKenzie puts on a Wooper mask, and is able to predict!

The gang says goodbye and continue their journey to Olivine...

BY NICK SUMMERS (www.remylebeau60@hotmail.com)


Episode Title Origin: Doing what comes naturally.

Teaser: Our heroes, still on the way to Olivine City (guys, as much as I love plot-driven episodes, and as much as I realize things are determined by when new Game Boy games come out, could we please move them faster?), when they spot a bow with a Natu nicknamed Naughty. The kid is rather shy and runs off.

(I guess since Movie 4 comes out next fall, we'll have a different theme song there. Too bad.)

So, Ash, Misty, and Brock head into town, where they find an array of Pokémon street performers, including a man who uses a Natu to tell fortunes. Turns out, he's the father of the boy (McKenzie) we saw earlier. The boy tries to do the act with his Natu, but botches it terribly. Our friends follow him, and he tells about himself and Naughty. Apparently, he's got a case of stage fright. Meanwhile, Team Rocket is looking for ways to steal the performing Pokémon, and James encounters the Magikarp scam artist yet again.

After some practice, McKenzie tries again, but Team Rocket attacks and steals all the performing Pokémon. A chase ensues, which leads to a battle in a daycare center, and all the Pokémon are returned.

Tag: At the request of the day care center, McKenzie performs his act, this time flawlessly.

Who's that Pokémon: Jigglypuff

Moral of the Episode: A bird on the back is worth two in the hand.

Analysis: Not terribly interesting. There just didn't seem to be a lot to it.
I think McKenzie needed a deeper backstory. That's about all there is to say.

Steven Reich
Webmaster Pokéwatch


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