Episode # 197 - Turning Over A New Bayleef


  Ash and co decide to take another day off, as they have had many adventures before. They release all their Pokémon of of their Poké Balls. When they are about to have luch, Bayleef sees Ash and immediately runs into him, as she is just so happy to see her trainer.

Bayleef accidently uses a Tackle and knocks Ash against a tree. Ash gets mad and shouts at Bayleef and that he can't take her behavior anymore. It's for the best she goes away and stays away! When returning to the dinner table, Bayleef cries a bit and decides to do as her trainer says, and runs away!

When they have finished eating, the gang decides to move forward again. When returning all of their Pokémon back, Ash notices Bayleef is gone. Misty and Brock remind him that he shouted at Bayleef and she must have taken off. Ash explains he didn't ment it that way and wants his Pokémon back!

They start a search and Pikachu catches Bayleefs scent. The gang finds a house, and there is Bayleef, playing in a garden! Ash rings the house, and a old woman opens the door. She explains to Ash she has found Bayleef, weak and hurt, near a river and took her in. Ash says it is his Pokémon and had a little fight and wants her back, and the old woman shows her good heart and tells Ash he can try to convince her, but she can't promise anything.

Ash goes into the garden, and talks to Bayleef and tells her he wants her back, but Bayleef simply ignores him! Then, Team Rocket attacks and takes in both Bayleef and Pikachu. Ash rescues his Pokémon of course and Bayleef sees in his trainer really wants her. As happy as she is, she runs back into Ash, who now actually enjoys Bayleefs affection!

The gang says goodbye to the old woman and Ash returns Bayleef into her Poké Ball and continue their journey.

MADE BY NICK SUMMERS (www.remylebeau60@hotmail.com)


Episode Title Origin: Turning over a new leaf, usually referring to reforming a criminal.

Teaser: Our heroes are still on their way to Olivine City, with Ash's newly evolved Bayleef, who has been running into Ash.

(Cue the music!)

After several more run-ins with its trainer, Bayleef gets scolded and decides to run away. However, it slips and falls into the river. Our heroes follow the scent, then follow the river which leads to an old woman's house. The old woman previously found the Bayleef while she was out walking and she nursed it back to health.

Ash attempts to reconcile with Bayleef, first by pretending to have a green thumb, then by pandering to its desires. None of this works (an interesting subplot here involves Brock's theories about girls). Just when it seems hopeless, Team Rocket appears in a giant Bayleef robot. They snatch two of the old woman's Pokémon, plus Bayleef and Pikachu, and put them into a (plexi?) glass container. Ash goes into pursuit, using his patented "run into something repeatedly and hope it breaks" strategy. The container proves unbreakable, but not unremovable. Once all are free, the final confrontation begins. I think you know who wins.

Tag: Ash and Bayleef apologize, and our heroes continue down the road to Johto.

Who's that Pokémon: Machoke

Moral of the Episode: Think before you yell.

Analysis: This is a fairly common cartoon plot. The "dejected runaway" story has been used on virtually every cartoon (and even many other kinds of shows). It serves to remind us that when we are put into a position of leadership, what we say and do has consequences (this rather reminds me of a conversation I had with DMTM at the Central Stadium Challenge). In any event, however, keep in mind that when you talk, people do listen.

Steven Reich
Webmaster Pokéwatch


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