Episode # 196 - Current Events

  Ash, Misty, and Brock are walking down a path, when Ash says, "Look at those fans!". Misty corrects him by saying they are actually windmills, and then they all notice that there is a nice breeze in the area, and decide to rest for a while, and let their Pokemon come out.

Team Rocket are also walking throught the area, starving as usually, when they come to a stop at a small house. James states that the place appears to be abondoned, and and three of them hope that there is abandoned food inside. The walk up to the door, but notice that the door has an electric lock on it, so Meoth attacks, and the lock sort of explodes and the door opens. The three of them walk inside, and to their disappointment, the place is totally empty. As they look around, Jessie finds an elevator, and the three of them get in. She pushes the button a numerous amount of times, but it does not work, so Meowth finds some stairs they can go down.

On the first floor down, a group of Magnemite and Magneton attack, and they run around the building trying to get away from the attackers. As for Ash and co, Ash decides to go for a relaxing walk with Chicorita, when they suddenly come accross the same house as team Rocket entered, and so Ash wanders inside.

As soon as he gets in, the door slams shut, and the electric lock begins to work again, and so Ash cannot get out (even though there is a window right next to him. Ash begins to bang on the door screaming for help, and Pikachu who is back with the rest of the gang either hears or gets some sort of ESP message, and goes running in Ash's direction.

Brock and Misty notice that Pikachu ran off, and Misty suggests following him, and that is what they do. When they get to the house, they talk to Ash, and notice the fried lock. They realize that they aren't going to be able to open it themselves, so they go contact the head of security.

As Ash waits for the head of security to come, Chicorita gets his attention, and points to a map. Ash gets the idea that he might be able to find the power room of the building and push a button that will open the lock.

He walks down the steps and enters the first floor down where Team Rocket are, but neither one know that each other are there until finally Team Rocket spots him. They notice Pikachu isn't with him, and that this would be an easy oportunity to capture Chicorita. The Magnemite start attacking Ash, but he runs away from them, and goes into a room where there are more stairs to go to the next floor down.

As for Team Rocket, the Magnemites and Magneton are still attacking them, until Jigglypuff shows up. She's about to sing, when Jessie grabs of her "microphone" (which is what they call it throughout this epi even though it's a marker), and throws it. Jigglypuff goes and gets it, but by the time she gets back, Team Rocket are gone, and so she sings to the Magnemite/ton. When they are all asleep, Team Rocket come back, sneak by them, and head for the stairs that Ash went down.

Now that Ash is two loors down, he knows he is almost there, but has to find the next staircase. All of a sudden, a bunch of Electrodes attack, and start chasing Ash and Chicorita all over the place, and exploding as they go along. Finally all of them have exploded, and Ash finds a hole (I forget how it got there. I think Chicorita used Razor Leaf), and in the next room which apparently was supposed to be hidden, contains the next staircase. Ash and Chicorita go down, and start looking around through the next room. Team Rocket are now being chased by the recovered Electrodes, and once again, Jigglypuff saves them by singing. Team Rocket sneak into a door hoping to find the staircase not knowing that it's behind the hole, in this room is an Electabuzz, which is appears to be controlling the electricity with knobs and buttons, and he's not happy to see Team Rocket.

He's about to attack, when Jessie tells him that there are two other intruders in the building, and he takes off to go find Ash and Chicorita.

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Who's that Pokemon? It's Dragonair!!!

The Head of Security comes, and Brock and Misty greet her. She starts tampering with the lock, and tries to open it (of copurse, Brock falls in love with her, but Misty stops him). As the head of security works, she says that Ash must be patient because he's not saying anything. Misty disagrees, and say that he might be looking around. The head of security says she better work faster because there are a lot of Pokemon guarding the building, and it might be dangerous for Ash to be in there.

Back downstairs, Electabuzz finds Ash and Chicorita, and attacks them with a shock. Chicorita prepares to attack, and Electabuzz uses a Thunder Punch. Chicorita didges his attacks, and Electabuzz keeps trying. Chicorita then uses Razor Leaf, Vine Whip, and a couple Tackles. The battle continues...

Back on ground level, the head of security unlcoks the door, and they notice Ash isn't there, so they try to find him. Ash and Electabuzz are still battling, when all of a sudden a cage drops onto Electabuzz and Chicorita, and Team Rocket enter and do there motto. Like always, Ash asks them to let the Pokemon go, Team Rocket refuses, and they start to run off. Ash is hopeless seeing that he has no other Pokemon with him at the moment.

Team Rocket roll the cage towards the elevator, just missing being caught by Misty Graock and the lady who had just come down to the same level. They get in to the elevator, with Ash yelling behind them. Ash just misses getting into the elevator, and so he uses the stairs.

Misty hears and sees Ash run by, and so they all start to follow them. Team Rocket exit the building, and roll the cage down a long dirt path that seems to be over a canyon. Ash is close behind, but can't catch up. Chicorita sees Ash, and all things look hopeless. Chichorita gets all sad and her eye begin to do that littlw wavy thing that Japan animes normally have when eyes water. All of a sudden, Chichorita begins to glow, and she evolves into Bayleef! Team Rocket are dumbfounded, and stop running. Bayleef uses a razor leaf, and cuts through the bars (which were shock absobant, and Electabuzz couldn't effect them) and they are free. Misty and Brock catch up, and Pikachu, Electabuzz, and Bayleef all attack Team Rocket, and Bayleef send them blasting off with a Vine Whip. There's a big reunion, and Bayleef jumps onto Ash.

~Mortys Ghost (Shane Kumagai)


The episode begins with Ash,Mity,Brock and Pikachu walking down a grassy route when they see some windmills Ash says"look at those fans Pikachu"then Misty says that thier not fans and Brock says there windmills that provide Eletricity they walk up to the top of the place where the windmills are and Brock says they should take a break so Ash sends out Blubasaur,Cyndaquil,Totodile and Chikorita.Chikorita jumps up to Ash and rubs affectionly against Ash.

Then the title shows up:

It then shows Team Rocket moaning about food then they see some kind of Place they say it may have something valuble inside so they enter then Ash and Chikorita(looking for firewood) enter the same place the door slams shut them Ash yells for help Pikachu hears and runs off then(when they get there)Brock calls the eletric company then something happens Ash and Chikorita are battling Magnemite then they go to an area with Electrode then Team Rocket bump into an Eletrabuzz and they say there's a twerp and a Chikorita walking around the Eletrabuzz battles Chikorita.Chikorita dodges Thunder Punch it's leaves get fried with Thundershock then Chikorita uses Vine Whip,Tackle,Tackle then almost one more Tackle but Team Rocket throw a cage over the two pokemon Team Rocket then run into a lift.Ash runs down some stairs and Misty spots him oh i forget a lady from the eletric company has come and fixed the lock.Ash jumps off a grassy hill and says Team Rocket aren't getting away not with his Chikorita.Chikorita blushes and Jessie sends out Arbok and James Victreebel that attacks him again Arbok and Victreebel attack Ash(he has Noctowl with him the whole time and doesn't use him).Chikorita starts crying and Ash yells"i want Chikorita back" then he yells"CHIKORITA"Chikorita can't handle it anymore and she evoles into Bayleef,Misty,Brock,Pikachu and the lady from the eletric company come at the same time after Chikorita evoles fully Ash says"awesome" and Misty says"your Chikorita evoled into Bayleef"Team Rocket say"we got a Bayleef that's even better than a Chikorita"however Ash tells Bayleef to Razor Leaf the cage and it works.Eletrabuzz and Pikachu zap Team Rocket with Thunder Bolt then Bayleef uses Vine Whip to blast them off againnnnnnnnnnnnnn.
The eletric lady says sorry to Ash about the pokemon guards and then Jigglypuff appears and sends the group incuding Bayleef,the eletric lady and Eletrabuzz to sleep.

I rate this episode on a scale of 1-5,1 being rubbish 5 amazing i'll rate it 5 it was cool to see Blubasaur and Eletrabuzz again and it was mostly based on Chikorita for a change.



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