Episode # 195 - The Heartbreak of Brock


  At night, the gang approaches the small town known as Olivine. They are all tired and want to go to a Pokémon Center.
Brock goes to fill his drinkbucket first and finds a fountaine, in wich also a Nidorina is drinking from. Her trainer, a girl named Tanaku, runs after her Pokémon, but trips and is about to fall in the fountain! Brock is quick to react and saves the girl. Tanku instantly falls in love with Brock and makes moves towart to him, much like the ones he uses against the other girls he meets! Brock is everything execpt interested in Tanaku. He goes back to his friends and Tanaku follows him. She offers the gang to spend the night in her fathers house, as they decide to do, not much to Brocks sense. The gang introduce themselves to Tanaku an her father and rest. The next day, Team Rocket attacks, but are easily defeated with Tanakus help. The gang says farewell and Tanaku's heart is broken! They continue heading towart to the Olivine Gym.

MADE BY NICK SUMMERS (www.remylebeau60@hotmail.com)


Ill see what I can remember in the episode.

It all starts when Ash, Misty, and Brock are walking in a town. They ask a lady where the nearest Pokemon center and Brock does his girl thing. It was 10 miles away! So they decide to stay. They were at the fountain and Brock sees a Nidorina getting a drink. Behind it is its trainer and she's about to fall in the fountain. Brock saves her. The girl starts to do what Brock usually does. She falls in love with him. Her name is Temaku and she wants Brock to stay at her fathers house. They walk around and Team Rocket comes and steals the pokemon. I think Ash defeated them with Totodile. Team Rocket blasts off and Brock noticed that Temaku wasn't here. She ended up being with Team Rocket. She starts falling in love with James. James doesn't seem to like it. She even imagines having a wedding with him.

Who's that pokemon: Its Mareep

The group all start too search for Temaku. Ash uses his Noctowl. They find Team Rocket. Team Rocket was in the place with a bunch of pokeballs and Jessie steals them. Ash uses Chikorita to beat Jessie's Arbok. Team Rocket gets blasted away. I think Temaku was in bed after the battle. When Temaku woke up she falls in love with one of the guys and Brock is heartbroken. They say their good byes. And Brock is upset.

By Cassie.


Episode Title Origin: None that I am aware of, other than some mild rhythm.

Teaser: Our heroes are desperately seeking shelter in a town with no Pokémon Center. Suddenly they discover a girl named Temacu (character name origin: Te for Teddiursa, ma for Mareep, cu for Cubone-anyone else think she needs help?). Temacu falls madly in love with Brock, and you'd think the episode could end right there. Not a chance.

(Challenge to test my skill...)

Temacu's dad happens to be a Pokémon researcher, and he rooms our friends for the night. Meanwhile, Temacu has been trying to persuade Brock to take her hand in marriage. At one point, Ash remarks how odd he finds the concept of a married Brock. Misty remarked that both of them will eventually be married (Ash didn't seem to catch what she really meant by that). In any event, Brock just isn't biting, and self-proclaimed matchmaker Misty (who may have a future doing play-by-play for Major League Baseball) is trying to get Brock to take Temacu up on her offer (I find it interesting that she tries so hard to help with other people's love lives but can't resolve her own problems). Brock finds it hard to get motivated, though. The next day, our heroes are outside when suddenly Team Rocket grabs the Pokémon (the fifty or so at the lab and Pikachu. However, due to a strange mishap, they wind up with none of them, instead catching Temacu.

Temacu immediately attaches to James, who having been burned in the past, decides not to give in to her advances until Jessie tells him they can use this to steal the lab's Pokémon. At this point, everyone in town is looking for Temacu, including our heroes. However, Team Rocket, disguises themselves and returns Temacu home, where she professes her love for James. For a while, things look like Team Rocket will get away, but Ash, Misty, and Brock show up, exposing Team Rocket (unusual, in that usually they get fooled by the disguises-not this time). So, of course Pikachu Thundershocks and the episode ends, right? Wrong. Turns out, Temacu is still attached to James, and takes Team Rocket's side in the battle, even using her Nidorina to fight! All this culminates in Temacu taking a Water Gun hit to protect James. Team Rocket gets dealt with, but the matter of Temacu remains. She later recovers, but she has now found a third love-the doctor who attended her (I give it a week). He, for some, reason, accepts her offer. Her Father explains that she's been obsessed ever since one of her relatives had a wedding. Brock is dejected.

Tag: Our heroes continue on their way to Olivine City. Maybe there'll be someone for Brock there.

Who's that Pokémon: Mareep

Moral of the episode: Be careful what you wish for-you may get it.

Analysis: I have to confess, I did not see several of the plot twists in this episode, and that made it even more enjoyable. I also enjoyed the brief exploration of the Ash/Misty relationship, although Ash isn't really a main character in the episode (the episode really revolves around five characters: Misty, Brock, Temacu, James, and Jessie). Of course, I think it may have all worked out well for Brock. My mom says you shouldn't marry people hoping to fix them up. In any event, my review cannot possibly do this episode justice. It is simply good from start to end.

Steven Reich
Webmaster Pokéwatch


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