Episode # 191 - Ring Masters


  The episode starts of as useual Ash,Misty,Brock and the poke-squad are wondering down a road when a Feraligatr and its trainer attract the gands attention [especially Misty's].Its not surprising Misty is infatuated with Feraligatr with her being a fanatical water pokemon trainer and all,the gang see the Feraligatr defeat one opponant after another [including a Heracross].But they were battling in a uniqe way they did'nt use any special attacks e.g water gun they use there brute force to win.Ash lets out Totodile to have a glimse at his fully evolved form,the trainer introduces himself as Raiden he tells Ash and co about the sumo wrestling contest where bulky pokemon use there fighting skills to try to push there oppontant out of pokeball cicle [just like real sumo wrestling accept for the pokeball cicle that is].Most of the trainers in this town practice the art of pokemon sumo,contestants must way at least 80 kilograms and as useual Ash enter's but all his pokemon are under the limet so this can only mean SNORLAX [as luck would have it the contest is on the following day].The next day everyone is ready and rearing for the contest [including team rocket who are entering Wobbuffet disscised as a Miltank].As the contest is begining Brock,Misty and Totodile are in the stands watching [with Totodile watching closely perhaps looking for pointers for the future],the first match is Snorlax vs Poliwrath.Snorlax wins easily same with the rest of his opponants.Wobbuffet defeats a Ursaring using its counter attack this makes spectaters suspicious and are soon revealed,justice pravales when Feraligatr sends them flying with a hydro pump.The contest continues with Feraligatr vs Blastoise Raiden and the Blastoise's trainer seem to have a grudge or something.Feraligatr narilly wins and it comes down 2 Snorlax vs Feraligatr.Snorlax seems doomed when he gets chucked but the earthquake from Snorlax landing gives him the edge to take control and win.The prize's for winning are a whole bunch of food [Snorlax will be happy] and a king's rock.After all the exitement Snorlax goes to sleep and glows [he's using his rest attack].They say there good byes with Totodile saying a special good bye to his future evolution,and the gang carry on to Olivine city.

pRatings 5 Out of 5 Stars I think this episode is awsome it exsels in ariginality,of cause Feraligatr being one of my faves helped my rating. Rumours

It is rumourd that the king's rock Ash won will be given to Misty and she will use it to evolve her Poliwhirl into a Politoad.

US Air Date United Kingdom Air Date 23.3.02 Estimated 30.3.02

~Scott tutin

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