Episode # 193 - Control Freak


  Episode Title Origin: A control freak is someone who just has to have control of everything. Like me.

Teaser: Our heroes are enjoying a relaxing meal, when suddenly Golbat just flies off.

(Apparently there's some music here or something)

We follow Golbat to find Tiara, a woman searching for the ancient ruins where a mask and scepter capable of controlling Pokémon are supposedly hidden. Team Rocket hears this and decides to find it themselves (with the help of their latest robot). They quickly do, and Jessie dons the items and starts wreaking havoc. Ash and co. show up, only to have Pikachu usurped by Team Rocket.

Jessie takes command of everything sent to rescue Pikachu, with the exception of Golbat. Apparently, the scepter works by means of supersonic waves, which Golbat counteracts. No matter, however, Team Rocket escapes, the roof collapses, and our heroes are most nearly crushed. Brock manages to locate Golbat in the rubble, and everyone else is pretty much okay. On the surface, Jessie commands Pikachu to zap the twerps as soon as they surface. However, the power of the scepter is limited to the ancient city itself. Realizing this, Team Rocket takes off in their rocket, and at first seems that there will be no catching them. However, Brock's Golbat evolves into Crobat and slices their rocket to bits, then grabs the artifacts. Pikachu finishes the job.

Tag: Our heroes continue on their Johto Journey.

Who's that Pokémon: Miltank

Moral of the Episode: Technology-however ancient-has its limits.

Pop Culture Reference: The researcher Tiara is obviously a female version of Indiana Jones. She even makes the comment, "They belong in a museum!" A line similar to that is in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.

Analysis: This episode is just average. The only outstanding thing about it was the way the it resolved. I figured they'd have to destroy the scepter or something. Other than that, nothing special.

Steven Reich

Webmaster Pokéwatch



"Control Freak"

Once again, we find our friends camped out as they are still on their way to Olivine City. Brock is in the process of feeding his Pokemon as the viewer enters the scene; as Brock calls his Golbat to eat. Golbat loves Brock's Pokemon food, but before it could devour it all, it pauses. It begins flying away, as our friends tail it to an ancient ruin, where (surprise, surprise) a beautiful young female archeologist is in distress.

Of course, knowing our old friend Brock, he offers his services (I can't remember if Misty pulls his ear or not; I am 75% sure that it did happen.) to replace an ultrasound-type device, which the archeologist had been using to locate the golden mask and staff of an ancient queen who could control Pokemon simply with the mask and wand. Meanwhile, our other old friends Team Rocket has been eavesdropping on the whole conversation, and they resolve to get that mask and wand before the lead trio could get to it first. Meowth reveals his new secret weapon: The Dugtrio digging machine. After a horribly uncomfortable ride (for Jessie and James) the Team beats the lead trio to the chamber. Jessie finds the mask, tries it on, and starts to go kinda cuckoo. She orders James' Victreebel to appear and attack James. Of course, Meowth is not impressed, as he states that Victreebel always attacks James as it come out from its Poke Ball. Unamused, Jessie makes Meowth dance with these two giant circular things. By this time, the lead trio and the archeologist has arrived, after Brock employed a method of sounding that he had learned at the clinic outside Goldenrod City.

Jessie immediately sets off to control Pikachu once Ash sends it out, and orders Pikachu to zap Ash. Ash is skeptical, but is soon proven wrong. Under Jessie's spell Pikachu is forced to follow; and Brock's Onix and Geodude are not suceptable to the control powers. The only one to break free of control is Brock's Golbat, who chases after Team Rocket and their Dugtrio digger as they make their getaway. But before that could happen, the roof collapses on Golbat...as time runs out, Brock is able to save his bat Pokemon friend, and escape the chamber before the whole house o' cards came down.

Meanwhile, Jessie now tries to try yet another one of her patentend Rocket dirty trick, by stationing Pikachu at the edge of the exit. (Little did she notice the stone line on the ground...), but is instantly fried. The process is farcically repeated 2-3 times before Jessie becomes frustrated, and the archeologist realizes the mistake: The stone line was actually the town limit, the queen's power only works INSIDE the line, not OUTSIDE where the exit existed! Now with only pieces of archeological treasure, the Rockets make a break for it back to their Dugtrio digger, which Meowth reveals its suprise escape mode.

Ash sends out Noctowl, while Brock sends Golbat after the Rockets' speeding rocket. Unable to catch up, Ash and Brock also become frustrated. Brock concentrates his energy, and in true Digimon Tamer style (think: "Matrix Digivolution...(cue music)", Golbat evolves into Crobat, speeds up toward the rocket, and slices it to a million pieces and exploding it. Once on the ground, the Rockets weren't gonna give up without a fight...but a quick Thunder from Pikachu ends any comeback attempts. As the Rockets blast off, the mask and staff are retrieved.

Once safely preserved, the archeologist thanks the lead trio for saving the artifacts. Brock tries to petition the archeologist that he wishes to stay, but a quick ear-pull by our ol' friend Misty ends that in a hurry. Soon, the lead trio is on the road again...heading towards the Gym at Olivine City. You hafta wonder: Is Brock EVER going to find that perfect girl that Misty won't disapprove of him ogling?? Oh well...guess there's always another time!!

WHO'S THAT POKEMON: Oops, now I know what I had forgotten...-_-;


As our heroes and their Pokémon enjoy another fine meal prepared by Brock, Golbat begins to act strangely and flies away. Brock, Ash and Misty chase after the Flying-type and end up at an archaeological dig. When they meet the intelligent and beautiful archeologist, Tierra she explains her ultra-sonic equipment had just been destroyed and perhaps its errant waves attracted Golbat. She also tells our heroes of an ancient golden mask and scepter, once belonging to a queen who had the power to control all Pokémon. She is now looking for a buried temple said to contain these two priceless artifacts and asks Brock if his Golbat will use it's Sonic attack to help her locate the exact placement of the temple. Overhearing our heroes, Team Rocket employs their latest mechanical menace, the Dig-a-Tron to beat the gang to the temple. When Jessie dons the mask and scepter she has the power to control all Pokémon, even Pikachu! What will become of the Pokémon under Jesse's rule?

Justin Speis



In this episode ash and his friends find this archaologist named Tierra (I think) who is trying to find an ancient mask and staff that can control pokemon without capturing it. when Team Rocket heard this, they rush to find it. When Ash and co. found the artifacts, it was to late. Jeesie all ready to took tha mask and staff and started to control Meowth and Victrebell. Then she ordered Pikachu to shock Ash and Onix to get Team Rocket out of the temple. When they got out, Jessie ordered Pikachu to wait for the twerps( Ash and co.) only to realize that the queen who on the mask and staff could only control Pokemon within her city. So Team Rocket was blasted into the wide blue yonder.

The End


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