Episode # 190 - Sick Daze


  Episode Title Origin: Sick days. I get about five per semester, not that I use them. A daze is a dizzyness-like state.

Teaser: Our heroes are waiting for breakfast, when suddenly Brock collapses.

(Insert theme song here)

Brock is told to lie in bed (in a rather conveniently placed log cabin) until he gets better (physically, at least). Meanwhile, Ash and Misty must take on his chores. Most of the instructions are in Brock's notebook, but even that can't always help. First, Ash tries to groom Brock's Onix with Totodile (pure hilarity). Then Ash goes off to get some lunch. However, Team Rocket is picking all the apples. Of course, this plan is quickly squashed. After lunch, Ash and Misty go and make dinner. Ash chops firewood (they trusted him with a blade?!?), and Misty puts the soup together. After repeatedly putting too much salt and sugar in it, she decides that it needs a little more flavor, so she adds ketchup, and mayo, and soy sauce, until she reaches a total of "47 secret ingredients" (I would have stopped at ketchup). Ash flatly refuses to eat the resulting Purple liquid (he says he filled up on apples...right), and therefore Misty is forced to eat her own creation. She says it doesn't taste like anything she's ever had.

After our heroes go to bed, we see Team Rocket plotting to capture the Pokémon. Well, Meowth and James are plotting. Jessie is enjoying (believe it or not) Misty's cooking catastrophe. The others try it, and hate it. In any event, most of Ash's Pokémon (sans Pikachu) are captured, and Our heroes pursue, but fall into a hole. Then Pikachu gets captured. Things look pretty bleak, until Brock's Golbat punctures the balloon, and Team Rocket is sent blasting off again.

Tag: The next morning, the group finally gets a decent meal, but they decide Brock should rest up a bit more before they continue on.

Who's that Pokémon: Heracross

Moral of the Episode: You don't realize how important something is until you lose it.

Analysis: This could have been a very mediocre episode. However, the subplots about Brock's dreams and Misty's soup really helped fill things out into one of the funniest episodes of the season. I especially liked the soup story, since I've been accused of overusing condiments myself (although not 47 of them). You really have to see this episode for yourself.

Steven Reich

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The episode starts off as Ash and Misty are waking up and Brock is slaving over breakfast.Ash asks Brock for some poridge but when theres no repley Ash puts his hand on Brocks sholder and he collapses.Brock is told to rest in this handy near bye cabin with Pineco and Golbat at his side[how loyal].So with Brock out of action Ash and Misty must do all his chores,Brock has a note book of instructions but nothing short of a miracle will help our doomed duo.First on the list is "polish Brocks rock pokemon" of couse our lasy duo cant be botherd to polish them properly with sand so Ash decides to speed up the process bye using Totodile's water gun [he must have a hole in his head] Onix flinches sending Ash flying.Ash then wonders off to find some food,but not far away team rocket is up to no good stealing apple's not for long it gets crushed.Later we see Ash chopping wood [someones gonna lose a toe],Misty is attempting to make dinner she use's too much salt then she uses too much suger [to counter react the salt] then too much salt then suger.She then adds ketchup,mayo,soy sause,garlic paste etc resulting in 47 secret ingreadiants.So this purple guck is dinner for the duo Ash gets out of it by saying hes filled up on apples.Misty then swollows here pride and eats the mess,she gets that big eyed flat faced look after [can you blame here].Every once in a while we see Brock dreaming of getting closer and closer to this trio of girls who keep repeating his name "BROCK BROCK BROCK".Later everyone is in bed and team rocket are sceaming to catch the pokemon acsept Jessie who's eating Misty's concocktion [YUCK].Shes the only TR member who likes the stuff.TR then capture Pikachu with Ash and Misty in hot pursute.Pika looks doomed but then Brock's Golbat comes and slashes there balloon and TR gets blasted off [yet again] 1 thing wheres Noctowl [snoozing no doubt].The next morning Brock's back in buiness and the gang get a deacent meal and back on to Olivine city they go.

MORAL OF EPISODE You dont realise how much you need something/someone until you loose it [it would be like us with out pearents sure it would be cool at first but it would get old fast].

RATINGS This episode is realy good it gives us some appriciation for stuff 4 1/2 out of 5 stars.

~scott tutin

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