Episode # 182 - The light Fantastic


  As the episode starts our parched trio and pika are trekking through a harsh desert in the search of water,not far off Team Rocket are also looking for water.As they walk Brock notices some mysterious colours over Remoraid mountain but they quickly dissapear,they think the lights were just figments of there amaganation[maby from dehydration/heat stroke[s]].TR also see the lights and try to follow after them but they also dissapear.Ash and co decide to go to the pokemon center to cool down and to get a drink with TR following.On there way they discuver a ancient ruins which look just like the ones from "Control freak".Ash discovers one of many Remoraid fossils,then out of now where nurse joy comes and explains about the Remoradians who worshipped Remoraid [DUH!!!!!!!!!]she then says all the Remoraid have disappeared since all the water had dried up.Nurse joy then tells them about how the Remoradians became non existent the area once was a vast forest untill the Remoradians cut down all the trees for there civilisation until it became what it is now a DESERT [what a conversion].Before they arive at the pokemon center they see some beautiful pink flowers,which is pretty odd to say there in the desert.Once they had some water TR discissed themselves as archaeologists and manage to get some water,nurse joy then shows them including TR a fresh water lake under the pokemon center.Suddenly an elderly man named Mr.Gango starts talking about the lights and how every 12 years [when the lights reappear] he has been coming back since he was a young man.When he first saw them he tried to sketch them but he did'nt have anoth colours then he started to bring more colours every time,this time he's brought 251.Ash and co explain how they saw the colours then suddenly the lights reapear [so much for this happening every 12 years]Gango tries to sketch them but they dissapear.So everyone go's to Remoraid mountain,at the top they see what they think is crystal but then Meowth licks it and proves it to be solid ice.TR then grabs pikachu and say there motto,a battle looks imanant but Gango stops Ash from battling and sends out his Venusaur he wants to battle because he has deadicated his life to seeing the lights,Venusaur rescues pikachu and sends TR flying with a solar beam [at night how odd].When the sun came up they see Remoraid burrowing up from the ground and use there water gun to fill the crater,they then use there water gun and ice beam to create the ice berg which when light shines through it creates the lights.Misty try's to catch one but they huddel together to prevent capture.TR then returns and catches all the Remoraid in a big net,Ash is about to rescue the Remoraid but Gango insists there gonna be ok,he's right and the Remoraid get free and send them blasting off again.The river then starts flowing and the Remoraid go up stream.The gang say there good byes and enjoy the lights one last time,and they carry on there journey to Johto. MORAL OF EPISODE if something seems unexplainable its probaly not.
RATINGS i'll give this 5 out of 5 because it was original and it had Venusaur in it.

~scott tutin

E-mail me at scott.tutin@ntlworld.com

Anyon else dislike this episode name?


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