Episode # 181 - All that Glitters


  NOTE: I'm writing this from my memory, so this might be (and probably is) not accurate.

ok, in the beginning ash is polishing his four johto badges, until a few eyes pop up in the bushes. then there's the opening, and then ash is STILL polishing his badges the eyes turn out to be a few murkrows, and they dance and misty, ash and brock say stuff like "oh, how cute!" and "look how adorable the are", anyway, ash uses his pokedex, blah blah blah... THEN, the murkrows steal ash's badges!!! ash & the gang run after them, ash sends noctowl, noctowl gets beaten up by the murkrows, then ash and the gang try all sorts of zeducious plans to get the badges back. Team Rocket appears at some stage, taking Pikachu, then ash kicks their Butts, and the Murkrow steal james's bottle cap collection. James goes nuts, and Ash retrievs all his badges except for his badge from Ecruteak City. The guys try out another plan, unsucsessfully, and then Team Rocket comes with a big Murkrow robot. Team Rocket's beaten and Then Ash sends his Noctowl to get the badge. Noctowl stands and doesn't move and the Murkrow are puzzled by his behaviour. Then he suddenly goes for the badge and everyone is happy, and finally Ash and the gang go on with their journey.

Review by Butzaw


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