Episode # 180 - Trouble's Brewing


  This episode starts by the gang meeting a younger girl named Sakura. She has 4 older sisters which are the Kimono sisters. They talk for a while and after Brock sees the Kimono sisters, he's in "Dream Land". Team Rocket eventually comes and Jessie sends out Arbok the Kimono sisters let out their Pokemon. Sakura lets out her Eevee and Arbok starts beating it. Ash and Misty have Totodile and Poliwhirl use water gun to blast Team Rocket off. They have a dance recital and then Sakura talks to Misty and says that she might come along w/ them. Misty thinks that might not be a bad idea. Misty asks the Kimono sisters if Sakura can go with her. They say if the gang can beat them in a 3 on 3 Pokemon battle she can go w/ them. First up, Poliwhirl and Vaporeon battle, with an Aurora Beam, Vaporean wins. Then, Team Rocket comes and has a special cage for each of the Pokemon. James sends out Victreebel and it beats up Eevee and sends it into its cage. Ash sends out Chikorita and it beats Victreebel. Team Rocket end up in the cages and Umbreon uses agility to get Eevee out of the cage. Team Rocket blasts off. In the second match, Pikachu and Jolteon battle and Pikachu wins with a Thunder attack. The 3rd battle is about to go on but Sakura decides she wants to stay with her sisters. The guys leave.

~Alex Obert~


The story starts off with Ash and co resting by a lake or something and Misty spots a ad for a pokemon tea party, yay!? She convinces Ash and Brock to go and they suppose it wouldn't do any harm. They go and then they dont know what to do when they were there. Then an adorable Eevee shows up and Misty practically pounces on it. Misty cuddles with it until the owner shows up. She introduces herself and her name is Sakura. She's around Misty's age and looks like one of those old fashioned Kimono girls. She shows them around and shows them each of her four sisters. As usual, Brocks falls in love with her sisters and tries to flirt with them.

Team Rocket shows up and wanting some of the food.(How can they live with no food for over 2 years) And the sisters dont like them interrupting their tea party so they go for a battle. And guess what, coming out are Vaporeon, Jolteon, Flareon, and Umbreon. Sakura's Eevee goes for it too. Team Rocket is amazed of the beautiful Eevee evolutions, so they try to steal them. Pikachu blows them away of course with either Thunderbolt or Thunder.

The girls put on a show and Sakura screws it up. She talks with Misty while Eevee tickles Togepi with its tail.(SO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!) Misty suggest that she come with them since Sakura says her sisters dont need her. She wanted to go on her own pokemon journey like Ash anyways. Brock and Ash are ok with it but the sisters must insist on battling for her. First up, Misty's Poliwhirl againts one of the girls Vaporeon. Their water gun attacks are tied so Poliwhirl does Double Slap, Vaporeon does Quick Attack, and Vaporeon finishes it off with a Aurora Beam. Now its Pikachu versus Jolteon. Jolteon uses a great blast of Thundershock. Pikachu dodges and tries a Thunderbolt but is absorbed by Jolteon's Thunder Wave. Pikachu uses I think a Quick Attack and it wins. And before they can finish with the last battle, Team Rocket comes back with a machine that will hold each of the Kimono's pokemon. First Eevee tries to defend for them with Tackle Attack but Jessie's Arbok grabs it with its tail and throws it in the first box. I think Chikorita comes out and whips Jessie and Arbok into the second box with Vine Whip. Umbreon then comes out and one of the Kimono girls command it to use Agility to get Eevee out of its chamber. Then Pikachu blast James and Victreebel into the last boxes and it explodes.

The girls say they need to win the match so they ask Umbreon to battle. But Sakura ask them to stop the battle. She will stay because if it weren't for her sisters, she would not have Eevee with her. So she stays and hopes her friends luck for their journey.



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