Episode # 178 - A Ghost of A Chance


  Ash and his friends finally arrive in Ecruteak City. While standing on a high hill, the team spots the Tin Tower. Brock explains that this town is very old and has many histories. Misty says the town looks very old, but climb down any way.

Once down, they meet Infonado, a guy that tries to sell them an Itemfinder. As Ash and Misty walk away uninterested, Brock is and wants to buy it, as he claims it can bring him to the most prettiest girls in town. Misty drags Brock away and continue toward the Gym.

Meanwhile, Team Rocket has arrived too and complain they have lost Ash and Pikachu. James remembers this is a town with a Gym, and Ash and co must be there too. As Team Rocket decides to go there, they decide to eat first. James goes on path to find some food, but is talked too by Infernado, who succeeds in selling his Itemfinder to James. When returning back, Jessie and Meowth aren't to pleased, since James has got no food. Then, the Itemfinder goes off and James immediatley starts digging, as he finds a cocebutton. As happy as he is, James continuous surching for more buttons.

Meanwhile, Ash and co have arrived at the Tin Tower and believe it is the Gym. They enter it and are surprised by an upcomming fire blast! Totodile and Staryu try to tame it, but don't succeed. As Misty sees Togepi walking toward the flames and not getting hurt, she thinks it's an illusion. Ash sends out his Noctowl, who sees through the illusions. Morty appears and explains the Ghost Pokémon Gastly, Haunter and Gengar are only trying to defend themselves. Morty seems to have great control over the Ghosts and sends them away and only his own Gengar remains.
Morty says he is the Gym leader and Ash is quick to challenge him. Morty explains this isn't the Gym, but the Tin Tower. He explains that years ago, Legendary Pokémon, whereunder Ho-oh lived here. A squad team was allowed in; but tried to capture Ho-oh. Ho-oh flew off and burned the tower down. It was three centuries ago and Ho-oh was never been seen ever since then. They have tried to build a new Tower, in the hope Ho-oh would return, but it didn't work. Ash remembers to have seen a Ho-oh the day he began his journey, but Morty doesn't believe him.
Togepi runs away and wants to play with the Ghost Pokémon. Pikachu drags Togepi away, but run outside the Tower.

Outside, Team Rocket are still using the Itemfinder. They then spot Pikachu and Togepi and capture them. Ash has seen this and runs outside. Morty uses his Gengar, who defeats Team Rocket and frees Togepi and Pikachu. Team Rocket blasts off and Ash challenges Morty again.

Morty says its for the best to rest for a day, and then they'll fight. Ash agrees and goes to a Pokémon Center to rest...

MADE BY NICK SUMMERS (www.remylebeau60@hotmail.com)


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