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Pikachu's Winter Vacation

Dear Pojo.

I managed to get my hands on one of the hottest selling Pokemon videos this Christmas time, Pikachu's Winter Vacation. It was at Walmart, and we paid $9.95 for it.

I had to argue with some lady for a good number of minutes

(she tried to take it out of my cart, claiming that she got it off the shelf, when I know I got the last one -- since I made the poor stock boy go into the back and get it for me.... =P ) 

I didn't see a description of it in your Cartoon section, so I thought I'd drop the review for you.

Pikachu's winter Vacation is very much like the short movie that preceded

"MewTwo Strikes Back" in the theatres this summer. There is very little actual
dialogue, mostly "Poke-nese." In fact, the Winter Vacation cartoon reused some of the intro/closing animations and had the same theme song (from what I could tell.) It immensely amused my 4 year old daughter and all the 127 kids she invited up from the playground when they watched it.  

There are actually a couple of short animations on the tape, which runs about 22 minutes total. In the first, Pikachu, Bulbasaur, Squirtle, Togapii, Vulpix, and Psyduck are left alone while Ash, Misty, and Brock wander off to the market to pick up things for that night's holliday celebration.  As you can imagine, the 6 of them quickly start into mischief, and manage to destroy almost the whole house before Brock, Ash and Misty return. They even cause a power outage!

Of course, no matter what happens, Pikachu saves the day in the end, but it's still incredibly funny to watch. 

The second, is an amusing little film where we are introduced to Kangaskahn--

and baby! You'd think from the card game that Kahn would be much fiercer, but
she's just a gentle soul. It takes some persuasion, but BabyKahn is quickly
persuaded to join everyone (+Onix ) in the fun of playing in the snow. We were
all quite amused at Psyduck's "FacePrints"  Playing in the snow can be dangerous though, as the Pokefriends find out while sledding (thanks to Onix) down a steep incline, unable to stop!  It looks as if the friends will splash into a large lake (Ohhh Too bad about those Water-Sensitive Pokemon!) Will Mother save the day?  You'll have to get your own copy and find out =)

Happy Watching!

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