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Pikachu's Summer Vacation

Ash and his friends arrive at a Pokémon only park. They set all their Pokémon
loose and, after Ash tells Pikachu to watch over Togepi, they enter for a day
of fun and relaxation. Unfortunately, it's not going to turn out the way they
had hoped.  

Moments after they enter, Togepi starts to cry of hunger. Pikachu and

Squirtle both try to cheer him up by making faces, but he cries on. Squirtle
notices an apple in a tree, and Bulbasaur gets it down with Razor Leaf. The
apple bounces to the ground and rolls to Psyduck's feet. Unknowing of
Togepi's hunger, he eats it and walks off. Togepi continues to bawl.
Bulbasaur sends out his Vines and lift him into the air. He gently waves
Togepi in the air while quietly singing the first use of Bulbabye. Togepi
calms down and goes to sleep.   

A little bit later, four Pokémon come walking down the path. Snubble, Marril,

Cubone, and Raichu are all talking rather loudly and Togepi looks as if he
may wake up. Pikachu, Squirtle, and Bulbasaur confront the group and ask them
to be quiet. They are less then willing to comply, and both groups get ticked
off at each other. Pikachu tries to get them to set a good example for
Togepi, but they don't listen. Suddenly, Pikachu realizes that Togepi has
awakened and is now walking on a log crossing a rushing river. He goes after
him, only to have the log start rolling with both him and Togepi on it.

After a moment of rolling, Pikachu falls off into the water. He watches as

the log goes off a cliff and into a large lake below, sending several water
Pokémon into the air. He looks up at the edge of the cliff and is relieved to
see that Togepi is safe and sound.  

Back at the original scene, Squirtle and Snubble have puffed out their

chests. Squirtle topples over onto his shell and the other Pokémon laugh. At
this, Squirtle gets even more ticked off and challenges Marril, a water type
Pokémon, to a race. Soon afterwards, they are both standing at the edge of
the lake, the other side as the finish line. Pikachu waves his hand to start
the race, and an Electrode uses Explosion, knocking over all the Pokémon
nearby. Squirtle and Marril are fairly evenly matched until Marril takes a
deep breath and dives under the water, pulling ahead. As he can't see where
he's going, he slams into a Starmie, who Water Guns him to one side of the

Squirtle continues to swim along, confident that he'll win. Suddenly, it

occurs to him that he's going backwards and he realizes that he's on the back
of a Goldeen, who's rapidly taking him back towards the starting line. He
jumps off and tries his hardest to get to the other side, but he's too late
and Marril wins.  

The two groups of Pokémon confront each other once again, and Raichu starts

sending sparks out. Togepi is frightened and Pikachu protects him, only to be
shocked himself. At this, Pikachu gets angry and he walks up to Raichu.
Pressing their cheeks together, they start to run quite fast up a mountain,
down the mountain, up a waterfall, through a field (where they blast Team
Rocket's Pokémon into the air), along another path (where they blast a
Hitmonchan and Hitmonlee into the air), and over Charizard's tail. Charizard
gets angry and chases after them, getting in head and using his wings to Gust
them away. They land onto a Snorlax's stomach and bounce off, only to have
the Snorlax roll on top of him.  

After squeezing out from under Snorlax's huge body, Pikachu, Raichu, and the

rest of the Pokémon face off once again. Charizard, who had been flying
about, swoops down over them and frightening them. He doesn't watch where he
goes though, and crashes through a jungle gym type thing and a couple of
piles of tires, ultimately getting his head wedged into a small pipe. He
thrashes about for a bit, yelling out. Meowth, who is resting with Arbok and
Weezing directly above, gets annoyed and leans over the ledge to yell down.
At this moment, Charizard lets out a burst of flames, scorching Meowth's face.  

Pikachu, Bulbasaur, Squirtle, Togepi, Psyduck, Geodude, Pidgeotto, Zubat,

Vulpix, and Onix all join in together pulling on a rope tied to Charizard's
leg while he continues to let blast after blast of fire through the pipe.
They pull and pull, but can't get him free. Snubble, Marril, Raichu, and
Cubone stand nearby, laughing. Charizard shifts his leg, and all the Pokémon
fly forward. Charizard gets worried that he may never get out, and starts to
sob. Pikachu walks over to where the other Pokémon are standing and asks them
to help. Snubble, Marril, and Raichu agree to help, but Cubone, caring only
for himself, refuses.  

All the Pokémon, with their new helpers, continue to pull at Charizard's leg

as Cubone looks on. Soon, seeing how upset Charizard is and how the others
almost have him out but not quite, he joins in at the head of the team. After
another few moments of pulling, Charizard's head pops out, and they all fly
backward. Charizard, happy to be free, flies up into the air with Psyduck
still holding onto the rope. Meowth, having been woken up once again, lights
a bomb to throw down at the Pokémon below. Seeing a shadow, he looks up just
in time to see Charizard land on him. Psyduck bounces off of Charizard's
stomach and the bomb explodes beneath the large Pokémon. He moves, and Meowth
emerges from the hole long enough to say that he'll sleep right there,
slipping back down again.  

All of the Pokémon, relieved to have Charizard out, work together to help

rebuild the things he broke. Afterwards, they play in the sand, water, and on
swings and slides together, showing how much can be done and how much fun
Pokémon (and people for that matter) can have when they set aside their

Later that afternoon, all the Pokémon sit and watch the sunset. They hear

Ash, Misty, and Brock calling for them and set off. Pikachu lags behind long
enough to thank their new friends, then dashes forward into Ash's arms. "Did
you have fun?" he asks. Pikachu just smiles and says "Pika!"


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