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Pikachu's Group Exploration

I got a hold of a legal copy of the wonderful short Japanese movie
"Pikachu Tankentai" (translates roughly to "Pikachu's Group Exploration"
I think), which is in the same vein as "Pikachu's Vacation" (which
accompanied "MewTwo Strikes Back" the theaters).

In another instance of our favorite Pokemon being let out to roam around

on their own for an afternoon, Togepi takes off by itself, and gets
mixed up in a nest of Exeggcutes. Pikachu and friends go seraching and
meet up with Elekid, who knows where to find Togepi.

During the adventure, there is a wonderful dance number featuring

Kereihana, HooHoo, and others.

Once Pikachu and friends are up in the huge tree where Togepi can be

found, a very violent storm bursts down on them all lightning bolts
shattering branches on all sides. Pikachu and Elekid join forces to
repel the storm's lightning bolts with their own. Snorlax comes to the
rescue when the winds become overwhelming. 

Overall, a wonderful and fun video, which kids can still watch without

translation. The music, both J-Pop and Classical, is great. Accompanying
this on the same tape, is an episode of the Pokemon TV show that has not
yet appeared in the States called "Pikachu VS Meowth". The involves Team
Rocket attempting to capture Pikachu by chaining Pika and Meowth
together. Of course, the two end up out on their own, and become allies
of a sort. Also, near the end, Togepi gives a small taste of its yet to
be displayed powers.

Reginald Hunt

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