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2nd Pokemon Movie


Revelation Lugia

It starts with this mean guy figuring out that the “titans” of an ancient prophecy are the 3 legendary birds, Articuno, Zapdos, & Moltres.  He then proceeds to find & capture Moltres.  He then begins the search for Zapdos.

Meanwhile, Ash, Misty, & Tracy are riding in a boat to get to the next island.  Ash wants to let the pokemon out for some air.  The pilot gives her approval, so out they come.  After a bit of air, a storm kicks up, so back into the pokeballs they go. 

Back in Pallet Town, Prof. Oak rides up to Ash’s house on a bike.  After a bit of talking to Ash’s mom, it starts to rain, then snow.  After it stops, a bunch of digletts carry Oak & his bike away.

The storm at sea has carried our heroes way off course, so they head to the nearest island, with team rocket close behind.  On the island, there is a group of costumed villagers.  The pilot recognizes one of them, so they begin to talk.  Upon hearing that Ash is a trainer, the crowd goes nuts & says that Ash is this years “chosen one.”  One villager then introduces her younger sister, Melody, who is going to perform in the ceremony that evening.  Melody looks Ash over then gives him the “traditional welcome kiss.”  This ticks Misty off pretty bad.  Melody then asks if Misty is Ash’s sister, then his girlfriend.  She denies both, but is still really ticked.

That evening, Melody performs as planned, then explains Ash’s duty as the “chosen one.”  He has to get 3 treasures from 3 islands, 1 from Fire Island, 1 from Lightning Island, & 1 from Ice Island.  Ash gets excited, & wants to leave immediately, & asks Misty if she’s going with him.  Misty says no, and remarks that if he wants someone to go where he wants, when he wants, he should get a girlfriend.  (She’s pretty good at describing herself, isn’t she?)  So Ash leaves and heads to Fire Island with the boat pilot.  Melody, Tracey, and Misty begin to follow Ash as the storm kicks up, with team rocket hiding in the back. 

Ash makes it to the island and gets the first orb right as Melody and the group appear in the other boat.  Melody remarks that Ash is pretty stubborn about his responsibilities.  Misty says she has to deal with it every day, so Melody says that Misty will have to get used to it when they get married. Misty tells her to take it back while t.r. tells her that if you get involved with the opposite sex, you’re merely asking for trouble.  Meowth then tells Jessie & James that they don’t need the opposite sex ‘cause they’ve got each other.  Then Zapdos arrives on the scene.  It sees that Moltres is gone, so it takes the island for itself.  III appears, and captures all that are on the island. 

In Pallet, Prof. Oak is talking on the phone to Prof.  Ivy.  They agree to fly out to the Orange Islands to explain what’s going on.

On the airship,  III explains that he’s trying to capture Lugia so he can rule the world.  He then begins to travel to Ice Island to capture Articuno.  Ash tries to free Moltres with Charizard, Pikachu, & Squirtle.  They free Moltres, & it frees Zapdos.  Then they make a hole in the airship.  The trio of birds begins to attack the airship.  It falls to the ground on Lightning Island, destroying everything but the orb.  Ash picks it up, and they all begin to head back to the first island. 

In Pallet, Prof. Oak is talking on the phone to Prof. Ivy.  They agree to fly out to the Orange Islands to explain

Ash reaches the holder for the orbs and places them in their places.  A slowking comes up and tells Ash he needs to get one more.  At this time, the birds begin to fight each other, and a water cyclone appears.  Out of this, Lugia appears.

Lugia tries to stop the fighting, but the birds attack him.  Melody says that the sound Lugia’s making is the same as the song she plays at the festival.  Lugia falls into the sea, seemingly defeated.  Melody plays the song, and Lugia is back, and ready for more.

Ash decides to go and get the 3rd orb, so he heads out over the now-frozen sea.  The snow is too deep, so using a piece of the boat and 3 of his pokemon, he begins to ride out to Ice Island.  The birds try to attack him, but Lugia protects him from the air.  The sea in front of Ash has melted and re-frozen, creating an iceberg.  Team Rocket comes up from behind with a motorized sled they made and tells Ash to get in.  They get to the island and get the orb just as Articuno falls to the ground, exhausted.  After getting the orb, Ash hitches a ride on Lugia, while Team Rocket grabs his tail.  III tries to capture Lugia, but he narrowly escapes.  Jessie, James, and Meowth realize that they’re slowing Lugia down, so they let go, and fall into the water.  Lugia becomes exhausted and falls down into the sea, taking Ash with him.  Melody wants to go save him, but Misty stops her.  Misty then goes herself.  She swims out and grabs Ash, then pulls him back to shore.  Ash gets up and slowly makes his way up to the temple without any help.  He puts the final orb in, and Melody plays her song, and Lugia comes up from the sea, while the other three birds return to their islands.  Ash rides on Lugia’s back while he makes a rainbow, then after he lands, Lugia returns to the sea. 

Ash’s mom comes up and yells at Ash for almost getting himself killed.  The movie ends with team rocket trying to figure out if it’s good or bad other people saw them being good.   



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