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7.02.02  Greg Hodgkinson dug up this image of the Movie Poster for the 5th Pokemon Movie.  

4.25.02 Update Hey, click here for some newer screenshots from "Gods of The City of Water."

3.24.02 Update There has been some more news recently announced about the 5th Pokemon Movie:

At a gala news conference in Japan bustling with celebrities and guest appearances by performers dressed as Pikachu, the Pokémon Co. of Japan revealed details of the fifth Pokémon movie.

Tsunekazu Ishihira, the president of Pokémon Co. and producer of both Pokémon games and movies, said the all-new Pokémon game for Game Boy Advance is on track to be released in Japan in late fall. Millions of Japanese Poké-fans are eagerly setting aside plenty of playing time for the still-unnamed game. No U.S. launch plans for the game were announced at this time.

The movie, whose Japanese title literally translates as "Guardian Spirits of the Water Capital: Latias and Latios," takes place in a mysterious city on water. A baffling maze of canals and alleyways provides the glamorous setting for the continuing adventures of Ash and his Pokémon.

Think of Venice, with all the unique thrills and challenges of Pokémon. In fact the filmmakers prepared for the animated feature by visiting and painstakingly studying the world's most famous water-bound city.

Latias and Latios are the Japanese names of two Pokémon introduced in the still-secret story-line. Latias, a female, is a red Pokémon who is smaller than big, blue Latios, who apparently is her brother.

Curious gamers might cross the Pacific to www.pokemon2002.jp. Because this Flash-enabled site is in Japanese, exploring it requires a spirit of adventure. However, you can find some real treasures here, including exclusive wallpaper, big pictures of the all-new Pokémon and a QuickTime of the movie trailer.

As with previous Pokémon movies, "Guardian Spirits of the Water Capital: Latias and Latios" will be preceded by a short, here called "Pika Pika Starlight Camp." Debuting in this mini-adventure is a pre-evolved form of Wobbuffet. In Japanese, the new Pokémon's name is Sohnano. A photo of Sohnano appears on the official web site.

"Guardian Spirits of the Water Capital: Latias and Latios" is scheduled to hit movie screens from the Pacific Ocean to the Sea of Japan on July 13. The date, a week before most Japanese schools let out for the summer, is always one of the most popular movie-going weekends of the year.

While no U.S. release date for the movie has been announced, be sure to check back at pokemon.com often for all official Pokémon news. 

Thank you to Pokemon.com for supplying the news.


After many requests, we have some new images of the new pokemon and trainer from the new movie ( well the trainer in Pokemon Advance ). So without delay, click here for some ( not all ) newly released Pokemon.

Also click here for some new screenshots from "Bright Sky of Stars."

3.23.02  Hey, click here for some new screenshots from "Gods of The City of Water."

2.04.02  Translation of and Guide to Navigating [http://www.pokemon2002.jp]- By: Usagi-chan:

2.01.02   Well you asked for anyone who knew Japanese to fill you in on the details, so here I am! 

The title for the Pokemon flick will be "Mizu no Miyako no Goshin: Latios and Latias", which roughly translates to "Gods of the City of Water: Latios and Latias" (Latios is the blue one, Latias is the red one)

Latios and Latias are obviously flying pokemon. Rumors in Japan suggest that they can become invisible, although this has not been confirmed. It has also been rumored that Latias ALWAYS sticks by Latios' side. (this is according to the latest issue of Coro-Coro)

I couldn't read the title for the other flick, since it gets cut off. But I'll tell you what it says anyways. "Pikapika Hoshizora...", which  translates to "Bright Sky of Stars..." Perhaps I can translate again if you  can get that other half of the picture. 

This is what the poster says:

"New Titles Finally Revealed!

Feature: "Gods of the City of Water"
Side flick: "Bright Sky of Stars..."

It will be fun to see how Latios, Latias, and Sonano will do in this summer's movie!"

BTW, that pokemon that looks like a pre-evolution of Wobuffet (sp?) is called "Sonano", which can translate to "Really?" in Japanese. (Wobuffet is called  "Sonansu" in Japanese, which can mean "Of course!", lol) 

That's all I could pull from the poster. Sorry if this isn't much help!


Today in Japan, Pokemon Officials released details on the Pokemon 2002 Movie.  Here's some of the new Pokemon:

If someone knows Japanese, maybe they can fill us in on all the details.  There's more videos and pictures at the official website of the movie- www.pokemon2002.jp.  Thanks to smsduim for the news update.

01.21.02  Several people sent me info and images from a recent copy of Coro Coro Magazine in Japan.  It shows 2 brand new Pokemon that will be appearing in Movie 5 in Japan.   A press conference is supposed to happen on Jan 30, 2002 with more information about this movie.

Hey PoJo,

I just wanted to let you know that the said-to-be names of the birds are Ratiasu (the red one) and Ratiosu (the blue one). Actually, they sorta look like Lugia. - SnoJoe

12.31.01  Here's something kinda cool reported by cutieboy6.  The official Japanese Pokemon site has some info about the next Pokemon Movie.  There's a video download of the summer 2002 movie, a movie poster, and maybe info on the next TV series.  At least that's how I'm interpreting it.  Maybe some of you guys that know Japanese will fill us in a little more.


This is a screen grab from the Movie Promo.  It shows shadows being cast be the new Pokemon on a high rise.


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