Wednesday: September 19, 2001

Anime and Manga releases of the week.
To get a list of the anime and manga that are being released this week, follow the link below.

Anime & Manga Releases

Source: Anime News Network

Tuesday: September 18, 2001

An idea as to why Bebop is gone.
Now, this is not a confirmed fact, but it seems to be a pretty good reason. From talking to different people I have concluded that the reason Cowboy Bebop was removed for a few weeks has a lot to do with the attack on the WTC and all the other events of last Tuesday. So, I am not sure if this is true, but I thought I should try and give a reason as to why Bebop has been removed for a few weeks.

Monday: September 17, 2001

How did Cowboy Bebop do when it came to edits?
Well, when it came to edits Cowboy Bebop did pretty well. For a list of edits to episodes three and four you can follow the link below.

Cowboy Bebop Edits

Source: Anime News Network

Sunday: September 16, 2001

November Merchandise Releases
For a list of merchandise being released in november follow the link.

November Anime Merchandise Releases

Source: Anime News Network

ADV announces cancellations
The following anime will not be available for sale in the format listed

A.D. Police 3-4 VHS
Princess Nine VHS
Slayers vol. 4 VHS
Gasaraki ALL subtitled VHS
New Cutey Honey Collection 1 VHS
New Cutey Honey Collection 2 VHS
City Hunter #2 TV Vol. 1
City Hunter #2 TV Vol. 2
Lost Universe 7 DVD
Lost Universe 8-12 VHS

Source: The Right Stuf International