Hi  it's me  again for the second tip.  This is a stall deck that decks the opponent and removes there energy.
Here it is : (It has no energy)

Pokemon :16
Chansey 4
Mr. Mime 4
Abra 4 (Base)
Alakazam 4 (Base)
Snorlax 2 ( Base)
Erika 4( to  try to make your opponent draw cards to deck themselves.)
Item Finder 4 ( to get back erika and  ER)
Energy Removal 4
Breeder 4
Brock 4
Scoop  Up 3 ( Once Chansey has 110 damage on it Scoop It up. Then  put it on the bench)
NGR 1 (nightly garbage run)
Gold Berry 4
Potion 3
Switch 4 (  Once your opponent has a fully powered pokemon and he/she brings it out Switch pokemon to Mr. mime
for they won't attack you)
Imposter Prof. Oak  4 ( If your opponent has  less than  7 cards use it , unless  your opponent has more than 7 cards it's worthless)
tHis  Deck Is UnstoPabLe

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See ya later