All four of these pokemon came out in the Jungle expansion set and are pretty good. They all have quick attack for 2 colorless, you flip a coin, if heads it does 30, if tails it does 10. Vaporeon is probably the best, then flareon and jolteon are tied for second. The reason is that voporeon automaticaly does damage, no flipping coins, and it has 80 hp instead of seventy. Jolteon is good to, doing up to eighty, but usually sixty or forty. And, the good thing about all of them is that they are stage 1. When people start making decks with those pokemon is were you will start seeing devolution spray put into use. I just wish that flareon didn't have to discard, then I'd make a fire deck and put my flareon in it. Right now my deck is water/electric with the new pikachu, lickitung, and jolteon. Now, on to a new subjest. If you can get some lickitungs, snorlaxes, or kangaskahns(i'm not sure how that one is spelled) they make GREAT stallers, way better then the old chansey, the reasons--lickitung can confuse or paralyze for only 1 or 2 energy--snorlax is imune to sleep, confusion, paralyses, or poisoning, but if he somehow got that way it doesn't remove it(I think the reason for the part after the comma is because when the rocket series comes out there is a trainer that is called "sleep, sleep", and they automaticaly go to sleep) and kangaskahn's send kid attack lets you draw a card and I think they all have 90 hp. Well, that just about wraps it all up.
Griffin Branham