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Pokemon TCG Strategies

by Kempley05
July 11, 2007

After EX: Power Keepers was released amongst the last batch of ex’s to be released was one that caught the mind of a large number of top players. Absol ex explored the potential of cards like Jolteon ex, and hence at Regional one of the best decks in the format emerged – Absolutions. And just last weekend it won US nationals Masters 2007, one of the largest tournaments in Pokemon history

Article by: Kempley05
Title: Absolutions
Date: June 28, 2007
Latest set released: Diamond and Pearl
Format: DX-DP
Contact: Kempley05@hotmail.co.uk

The List

Pokemon - 24

4 Mew ex (LM)
2 Absol ex (PK)
3 Jolteon ex (DS)
1 Espeon ex (UF)
1 Vaporeon ex (DS)
4 Eevee (DS – Call For family)
2 Likitung (DF)
1 Jolteon* (PK)
1 Jirachi ex (CG)
1 Rayquaza ex (DF)
1 Lapras (LM)
1 Holon's Voltorb (DS)
1 Holon's Castform (HP)

Trainers 24

4 Holon Transceiver (DS)
2 Holon Mentor (DF)
2 Lannette’s Net Search (EM)
1 Holon Adventurer (HP)
1 Holon Scientist (DS)
3 Professor Elms Training Method (DF)
4 Super Scoop Up (DS)
3 Windstorm (CG)
2 Stump (LM)
2 Mary’s Request (UF)

Energy - 13

3 Rainbow Energy (LM)
2 Darkness Energy (PK)
4 Multi Energy (PK)
4 Lightning Energy (PK)

The Pokemon

3 Mew ex (LM)

This card allows players to tie up various attacks and Po
kemon into 1 all round package with out having to retreat over and over. He’s Psychic, which is often said to be one of the best types in the game, in particular cards like this give us a shot against Fighting decks.

90 HP is as always very disappointing, but the ability to use any attack, with all the rainbow energy we have, including Absol ex’s Psychic pulse without using an absol drop is fantastic.

3 Absol ex (PK)

Arguably one of the best Pokemon in the format - controlling damage is one of the best abilities any card can have. You can drop this one out of no-where to either get a KO or set up a KO using Jolteon ex’s second bite – he’s just so flexible and you can mentor your way into one of these at will.

Not only that, his attack can be deadly turn 2. If you (as you usually do) drop in an jolteon ex T2, to can be spreading damage very, very fast. He fits in perfectly with the theme of the deck.

In addition, this card quite conclusively handles one of the best decks in the format in the form of Bandoom. We’ll go into more detail later.

Weakness can be a pain, but is usually handled by mew ex.

3 Jolteon ex (DS)

The cornerstone of the d
eck and long one of the more underrated card in the game. 10 Spread is simply amazing. The fact we play 3 of these, and can reasonably expect a Super Scoop up flip or 2, your already putting a large amount of damage all over your opponents board without even attacking.

In addition, his first attack is one of the best in the game. Having just spread damage on everything your opponent has, this attack is perfect for getting KO’s where needed, something easily done on that crucial second turn.

Also he has a huge attribute in his free retreat. You can often convert an eevee start into a mew ex start for the second turn. Otherwise, dropping in 1 of these turn 2 alongside a Jolteon* will often get you a Turn 2 disruptive KO.

1 Espeon ex (UF)/1 Vaporeon ex (DS)

These are you “eeveelution techs” We already play eevee so these fit in nicely. Espeon ex can often ruin a Pokemon your opponent has just rare candied. He can also take knockouts in his own right by knocking down a Pokemon by a stage.

Vaporeon probably has the best effect of the eeveelutions. Rockets Admin last format was the BEST card around, and is much missed by players. With hands bigger with Castform starters, this beauty is disruptive and not only that it’s a built in anti-safeguead with his first attack. There’s a lot of flexibility in decks with heavy eeveelution lines in terms of the techs players use, but this is pretty much a staple in all of them.

You can also easily play Umbreon ex as well as or instead of the Espeon. He can often be crucial late game in pulling a weak Pokemon forward to allow the player to take that last important prize.

4 Eevee (DS – Call For family)

Mew can often copy his attack to allow you to set up better. We play 4 as we’re swarming with eeveelutions and this version because we don’t WANT a Castform start ever.

2 Likitung (DF)

One of the most fun cards in th
e format. 3 counters anything delta turn 1?! Playing multiples of these could also mean you get a chance to attack with one itself which gives you a much needed prize advantage in the long term. Excellent card in what is STILL a delta dominated format.

1 Jolteon* (PK)

When I first built this deck I often found I was putting 40 damage on an active castform T2 and often needed a pluspower as such. Then word got around about this little guy. He is in effect a mentorable pluspower. Whilst the 10 damage to self and bench space is annoying, when you actually use him I promise he will be devastating.

1 Jirachi ex (CG)

This card is very, very good in certain situations. Sitting there with this guy locking Metanites powers after a hefty crush and burn can be devastating. He can get a continuos lock which annoys, disrupts and beats certain decks like Metanite and Flariados.

1 Rayquaza ex (DF)

Originally I didn’t play this, but I have now seen it’s virtues. For the sake of a couple of Lannettes in your draw engine he is worth it. When your behind own his own he is fantastic, and can snipe beldums T2. 2HKOing 100HP and less ex’s is often a very viable strategy to win games.

1 Lapras (LM)

One of the more underrated cards in the format. Usually he forms part of your opening mentor, where you search for a Professor Elms training method to get a Joltoen to follow your eevee. He makes a lot of things possible; his only problem is he is a VERY bad starter.

1 Holon's Voltorb (DS)
1 Holon's Castform (HP)

Having energy to hit early on is crucial. This pair ensure that you’ll have energy T1, and then you’ll have an energy attachment T2 and 3 with Castform. Very good card to fetch with your opening Mentor. Neither are desirable starters.

The Trainers

4 Holon Transceiver (DS)
2 Holon Mentor (DF)
2 Lannette’s Net Search (EM)
1 Holon Adventurer (HP)
1 Holon Scientist (DS)

This is your primary Draw and search engine. The Holon engine with 2 Lannettes allows for occasional setup without having to discard, as well as giving you access to the Rayquaza ex d. We run lots of different types and techs so these do help out. I always stick with at least 2 Mentors to (pretty much) ensure they don’t end up prized when you play a Holon Transceiver. If you’re having problems with consistency you can up your numbers of either of these.

The Adventurer and Scientist provide draw power when needed. Well rounded and having one of each is handy for drawing your way into cards like Super Scoop Up.

You may also want to add a Holon Farmer to the Holon engine for recovery of key cards, however this is by no-means essential and usually we’re fast enough not to need recovery late game.

3 Professor Elms Training Method (DF)

Searches out your eeveelutions and their effects as and when needed.

4 Super Scoop Up (DS)

Perfect not only for preserving your fragile low-hp ex’s and saving 2 prizes a time, but re-using Lapras, Absol ex and the eeveelution ex’s effects.

3 Windstorm (CG)

Very useful for countering Cessation Crystal, as well as removing your own stumps in the same turn you played them.

2 Giant Stump (LM)

Amazing for a few reasons. There’s the obvious one that you can save FOUR prizes by dropping one of these and dumping your damaged ex’s. At the same time you can severely disrupt your opponents game by forcing them to discard key Pokemon. Get your timing right though, don’t just play it the moment you see it.

2 Mary’s Request

We play no Stage 2’s, so this card effectively reads draw 3 cards, very nice.

The Energy

3 Rainbow Energy (LM)
2 Darkness Energy (UF)
4 Multi Energy (PK)
4 Lightning Energy (PK)

Darkness energy are used to get a boost to your damage if you get to attack with Absol itself, in particular they’re handy against Bandoom but we don’t really like to attack with him so only 2 are played.

Rainbows and Multi’s played again to provide all of the wide range of energy we need, in particular a Turn 1 Psychic for Likitung.

The Strategy

Now in general it is one of the hardest decks to actually pin down a strategy for. There’s so much you can do to control play during a game, and often the way you play and start a game varies. *Usually* your getting a T2KO with either Second Bite or Psychic pulse with Jolteon* if needed, then you control the situation as needed until you deal damage in the right way to take 6 prizes, and win. Time Absol drops, Jolteon ex's and so on perfectly and you can beat just about anything.

The Matchups


Infernape has the ability to beat just about any deck because of it’s speed, we’re no exception. Theres always a real danger of them taking a T2 Knock out of an active mew and then sweeping from there. Try and force them to 2 hit KO you by keeping your Joltoens attacking. We do have a few tricks up our sleeve though – for example a Jolteon ex drop and then using Mew to take the KO with their own Flare Blitz is pretty nice, also copying Delcatty ex’s upstream lategame might just get you over the finishing line. You can also do some (limited) damage with a Vaporeon ex hitting them for 70 turn 2. It can go either way very easily depending on the start, but Infernape ALWAYS has the ability to not even let you see a game beyond the first few turns, and the fact that we’re ex and they’re not is devastating ~55:45-45:55.


Not an easy one, you pretty much play to the situation, try and stump early and force them into discarding good stuff to keep the eggs line going. Usually the difference can be whether they run a 1-1 or 2-2 eggs line. Usually our consistency and speed serves as a huge asset. Beware or Ray ex d and if they put 1 forward KO it quick before it tears through your Pokemon ~50:50


Close. You need to try and play their game. Don’t be afraid of going behind a prize if it give you a shot at going rampant with your ray ex d for a few turns. Just one break or turns advantage will swing this match up, second biting can give you an advantage bt beware of locking yourself into a killer stone. If they play Jirachi it becomes a bad matchup very quickly. ~50:50-40:60


One of your better match-ups, largely because on 1 card. Jirachi ex puts them under huge pressure without Flareon drops. With mew you get a shot at hitting for 60, then taking the KO with a Jolteon drop, then taking another KO. Allows you a lot of scope to win and with tropius it’s very much in your favor ~ 80:20


Not nearly as bad as some people make out. Jolteon has resistance to Raichu, and Mew has Eggs’ weakness. Getting in some very early damage on the Eggs with Likitung, then playing your giant stump makes their 4-4 eggs line look less intimidating and our Jolteon ex line more so. Resistance is key, as well has holding back your windstorms to take out a cursed stone and a cessation crystal if at all possible in the same turn as your dropping Joltoen ex(s). Saving cards and perfect Stump timing makes a seemingly horrific match up OK. However, it all goes back to the fact that they could have a scramble just waiting to pull of a KO. Good play dramatically can swing this match up either way ~ 40:60.


Surprisingly Close. With ray you can take out beldums and force them into all sorts of horrible situations. As said Jirachi ex can be a beast here. In addition your Jolteon ex’s are resistant to their Metagross and Dragonite, don’t be afraid to use them to your advantage. Techs like Groudon ex can be quite cringe worthy but the best thing they can do in general is Treeko->Rare Candy->Sceptile ex d=GG. 60:40 without Sceptile, 20:80 with.


Absol makes this a very easy match up. What can they do? Use Banny ex and we take them out 1 by 1? No way. Instead they have to go to the safeguard one, with whom they have little choice but to continuously attack for no damage and confusion. Our reply is to just sit there – be patent. Drop a Jolteon ex or 2, then make your killer blow with a dropped Absol/Vaporeon ex to sneak through safeguard. Then you can get through Houndooms and if they put forward Bannette ex you take them out with Absol. Almost an auto win ~80:20-90:10


You need to abuse mew here. A lot of the cards in our deck are Fighting weak, but mew can ruin it all for them. Try and get a T2KO and you should be able to go through their deck. An eevee start to a Machop though and you might just have a turn 1 loss on your hand. - 70:30

The End

So anyways that’s the article. All the best to the pokegym and everyone at US nationals!


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