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Pokemon TCG Strategy Articles

Playing Styles - Ace28


Im writing this sitting in math class at 9:56 am. Everyone else is taking a test..but not me! >:D I was sick the last couple of days with the flu... Anyway, I should probably introduce myself. My name is Aaron Shear. I am sixteen etc. etc. blah.  Some of you may already know me. ^_^ It is necessary that I give a brief account before going about my article...so here it goes? ;x... During the past two days I began to get bored as I was sitting at home trying not to die of boredom (Yes, “Not trying to die of being bored by boredom”). I was sick and everyone was in school. Being the resourceful guy I am, I decided to go to my room. I started to ascend up the stairs and after a few minor skirmishes (tripping over cat) I made it to my humble abode. I started going through my desk of mystery, something caught my eye!... (Im in English class now, its 11:10 am... I couldn’t write in History since we were doing group work, but, now everyone is taking a test again so...;x) Ok back onto the topic...What caught my eye was my DCI Card. Many of you may remember that DCI was the rating system used by WotC (Wizards of the Coast) back when they owned Pokemon. So, this card I saw sort of lapsed me into a series of flashbacks and all the good times I had came back vividly to me. After my two year break I have decided to return to the world of Pokemon permanently. It is hard to believe I have left something that I enjoyed so much for this long...With that aside, I will move onto the main topic of this article. ;P (Im home now :X)


Pokemon, just like any successful game has players. And these players bring many influences to the game. One characteristic that influences the game is style. Knowing the style of a player, while not necessary, is a very good advantage to have. The style of the player can usually predict how he/she will play the game in terms of creating setups and reacting to situations set in front of them. Comparing what I am saying to another game may help me get across the point I am trying to explain to you. Poker is a perfect example. Pro poker players spend much of their time and energy on trying to win. This is quite understandable as if you had a job like this you would want to win as much as possible. One key thing they study is their opponents weaknesses, strong points, and mind set.  They try to exploit the weaknesses, keep away from the strong points, and analyze the mind set in order to have a better understanding of them. They do this by using a series of techniques meant to throw their foes off their focus. (Talking, wearing glasses, etcetcetcetcetcetc.)



Pokemon is different from Poker in many ways also. One of them being the amount of prizes and cash you can receive by playing it ><...;x but the main difference I plan on discussing is the fact that not everyone uses the same cards from the same deck. This is where everything becomes much more complicated in understanding. It is much more harder to interpret someone if you do not have good knowledge of the game. You gain knowledge from experience and obtain experience through time of practice.

Once you become a decent player you will have a good understanding of why they might be playing the deck they are. For example, say you are in a City Championships game and your game begins. You are running...lets say, Dark Ttar and you do not know what your opponent is running. The game begins and he goes first. He has a Elekid active and a Voltorb on bench. You have a Larvitar benched and a Dunsparce active. Lets also say you have a good knowledge and understanding of the game and are ninety nine percent sure he is running zapdos. This would conclude that he is going to have an offensive style early game which means you might find you have the best chances of winning if you decide to remain defensive until you get your big hitters out. If you survive early game with little or no losses vs a deck that is supposed to do its most damage early game then you should be in pretty good shape. If the player who is playing Zapdos/Trode neglects damaging his opponent significantly early then he’s in pretty bad shape. The chances of winning and losing differ as the players skill differs.


If you gave a person who has a little knowledge of the game the deck that won at worlds and put them against the winner of worlds who is using a theme deck the outcome is irrelevant. The better player regardless of the deck (saying the decks are playable) will win due to them simply outplaying their opponent and making the better decisions. The styles change during early game, to mid game, to late game, depending on the purpose of the deck. Now, take that same person who won worlds and put him against a pretty decent player. Give the theme deck back to the winner of worlds and the deck that won worlds to the pretty decent player. Chances are that the pretty decent player will win due to having better cards combined with a good understanding of the game etc. The chances of you winning against a good deck decrease as their skill level gets better. To put into simpler terms, “You will not win vs a very good player who is using a deck they constructed purposefully for tournament play if you are not playing seriously.” The only possible ways you can win is by somehow being such an unbeatable legend and if it comes to that and you are that person...teach me your ways ;x


It is very important that you try as hard as possible to not misread your opponent. This would cause devastation since you will be preparing so carefully for something that doesn’t happen. The best thing to do in this situation is cut your losses and lose as least of the advantage as possible. I wrote this article to maybe give another point of view on characteristics of the game and to learn more about it myself. I plan on writing many more articles and I also plan on playing a lot more so I can gain knowledge and everything else I said before (scroll up ;x). I would like to thank you for reading and ask that if you see me on mIRC to message me to talk about strats and play me etcetc. I plan on attending the Ohio City Championships in Athens and in order to have a chance I will need to practice and learn as much possible in this short period of time. (Thing is like in beginning of March and I just returned to playing yesterday :\)

Have a great day! :D ;s :P =) :\ :/ ^_^V 


*Feedback is wanted and encouraged plzplzplzplz :D



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