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Magma Sharing

By Ash Cheng

PTCO: lightash

Pokegym / Pojo: Ash_van_Je

Comments? ash_cheng@hotmail.com


Pojo Note: Ash is from Hong Kong, so his English can be a bit off at times.  ;-)


I just wanna share info about Magma Decks with you guys.

Since August I've played Magma Deck for a few months and I got a pretty great success with it. I'm quite happy that I played this deck before worlds (oops!), but gosh, why I didn't use this deck to play in the Nationals? Honestly in August that's just two months after I play cards again ¡V at that time EX: Hidden Legends has just been released. That's my third deck after Draggy ex and BAR, and my best deck ever. I don't want to show my list here because that's not too good if anyone who is going to battle me to see my deck.

So what can I say? First I talked about how to play it. (that's my way) To me, the best 6 Pokemons in play at the same time are: 1 Zangoose, 1 Camerupt, 2 Claydol, 2 Groudon. This is perfect if you can have them at the same time.

Say if I get Zangoose only at the first turn ¡V I just search for a Groudon. Then I use TM Conspirator (usually I can get this / Ball even I only have 3 of each of them) and search for 1 Groudon and 1 Baltoy. Numel / Camerupt aren't really important at the first few turns. Then I attach energy to Groudon and search for the 3rd Groudon. It seems to be great that I have 4 benched Pokemon. In the next turn (just the third turn!!) I may do some draws like TV or Steven's Advice, if I have Magma Energy, I just attach it to Groudon and Zangoose retreat. That's pretty good if Groudon can do 50 / 60 damage in the third turn. Then carry on, and carry on.

Many people love to use Prof. Cozmo's Discovery instead of TV Reporter in decks after EX: Deoxys is released. But I don't want to do this in Magma Deck. Because TV Reporter can let you discard some energies and TM Pokemons therefore you can make use of Maxie and Camerupt. (I think everyone should know this)

Pokemon Reversal must be in every Magma Deck. Magma Deck can't live without it. When you meet something like Wailord ex deck, you really can't kill Wailord easily. So now the strategy is to reversal something with low HPs. After killing some little stuff and little stuff, you win!

Also in Magma Deck you must make use of EVERY stuff. Groudon, Zangoose, Claydol and Camerupt, all are very useful. With Magma Energy and their own power, they can do some quick and powerful damage!


---Mt. Moon or Desert Ruins?---


Yup. That maybe a bit silly to talk about this, but after TRR pumped out, I find out that Dark Dragonite + Dark Electrode deck is MUCH MORE powerful then Magma Deck ¡V just who go faster, who win. It is very hard to make a comeback. With Mt. Moon, you can stop Dark Electrode and Dark Dragonair, which are very important Pokemons in the deck. But how about Desert Ruins? Hem¡Kmy god. First of all, it's not too hard to beat down Blaziken decks or Gardevoir decks, but the point is you must be faster than them. How about if Blaziken ex or Gardevoir ex comes? Then you must make use of Desert Ruins. With Groudon / Claydol, it's not hard to do 100+ damage in a turn. Sure, trouble comes if you face Wailord ex decks. That's sub to you, but after TRR is released, fewer and fewer people choose to use ex, even Rocket's Sneasel ex only have 90 HP. So that's your own choice, now I have 3 Mt. Moons in my deck and no Desert Ruins and I think it still works great, at least you can stop something like TA Electrike, RSH Delcatty and Electrode.




Yup. Magma Deck has a lot of enemies. The point is ¡V weakness. Not just the weakness about the type of Pokemon, but also the own weakness of Magma. First of all, Team Magma's Pokemons can't do a very big damage, it just do a few damage and a few damage every turns therefore it can kill the opponent. Don't understand what I mean? Never mind. :P It can't make use of Ancient Tomb, that's the point. Oops, let's see Magma's Enemies!


Dark Muk


The point is it can OHKO Groudon in one turn with R energy. Pretty silly, ah, opponent can also use Acidic Poison and make your Groudon has 5 retreat cost therefore it can't retreat without 5 energies¡Kbut if he can OHKO it, sure no one will use this slow way. Easiest way to slove, just attach a Balloon Berry to Groudon!!


Dark Dragonite + Dark Electrode


I think it's one of the very few decks that can beat down Magma very easily. First of all, Dark Dragonite can do the works like TM Claydol, but it can move as many darkness energies as you want; Dark Electrode can do the works of Camerupt, but it can search energies from deck and no need to put damage counter, and it's attack is even more powerful than Groudon; Sneasel can attack like Zangoose, but much more powerful¡Ksolution? Crystal Shard or more Pokemon Reversals, maybe.


-Just take a break here, start again tomorrow-




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