Hello pojo fans!!!
i have a great idea for a sweet combo...with no drawbacks!
70 hp
stage one:evolves from doduo
pokemon power: retreat aid-
as long as doduo is benched, pay 1 less energy to retreat your active pokmon
3 colorless: rage
does 10 + 10 damage for each damage counter on dodrio
weakness: electric
flip a coin, if heads your opponent flips a coin. it keeps going like this intill someone flips a tails. it does 10 damage to the active pokemon that flipped tails..or something like that
so now that you know what the cards do..
you have dodrio up, fully pumped with 20 damage verses a ratata with full health
you play digger...and u win!!! why?
if tails, you do 10 to yourself and you now do 30, knocking out rattata. if heads, your opponent flips tails and you do 20 + 10 to equal 30! a win win situation!!
have fun with this combo!
Scott G