Everyone always says how electric decks suck because of low HP. well, my
electric deck has certainly hardly lost.  anything can be taken down with
just 3 pokemon, a Raichu, (Jungle) Jolteon, and a Fossil Magneton. Pesky
Blastoise or Gyarados giving you a hard time?then use these guys and youll be
a winner in no time.

(Base) Raichu 80 HP (Lvl. 40)
Wkns: fighting
Resistance: -
Retreat: C
-Agility: LCC 20; not having your opponent attacking next turn lets you build
up time to put another energy on Raichu. Doing 20 first, taking no damage
later, and then wipe out your enemy with thunder.
-Thunder: LLLC 60 Tenderize 'em with Agility, Finish 'em with Thunder.
Saves me from poisoning and sleeping attacks from those ghosts and grass

(Fossil) Magneton 80 HP Lvl. 35
Wkns: Fighting
Resistance: -
Retreat Cost: CC
-Sonicboom LC 20; dugtrio got ya down with its resistance? then sonicboom!
-Selfdestruct LLLL 100; Great with 2 defenders. Blow 'em up yet keep
'Magneton alive a great finish off or final fortune attack.
This guy can take any ol' Charizard Down. Just be sure to kill a charizard as
a charmander with gust of wind and sonicboom.

(Jungle) Jolteon 70 HP Lvl. 29
Weakness: fighting duh 
Resistance: -
Retreat cost: C
-Quick Attack CC 10+; a great splasher. what else can i say?
-Pin Missile LLC 20x; it doesnt get better than that. Bye bye dugtrio,
blastoise, gyarados.with an average of 40 a turn, and cheap too!, you could
really go places with jolteon.
Lotsa damage for litta bit o' energy.

All in all, anyone who says electric decks are bad should face my deck.
A jolteon, raichu and fossil magneton can give you  the game.
The ultimate killer...Electricity.
Any ideas or questions? E-mail JJx at: JJxiv15@AOL.com