Nearly 2 years ago,the world was introduced to Pokemon;a video game and a
highly addictive card game.The craze hit me full force and I was the first
in my town to have the Starter Set.I learned how to play and I chose the
best cards in Base Set to fit my vision.
Base Set:
It all started when I saw the Overgrowth Preconstructed deck and learned the
power it held.I immediately swallowed the Gyarados within to fill my deck.
Base Set gave us the powerhouses...Charizard,Blastoise,Gyarados,Hitmonchan
and of course Electabuzz.I built my deck around what people still think to
this day is a weird concept;a Stage 1 deck starring Gyarados.Other people
rushed to the Charizards,Blastoises and Venusaurs valueing them above all
when ignoring the underdogs.
In truth;Base Set gave us these great unsung at the time;
Everyone except me profitted from Jungle;they got their hands on Scythers
and Kangaskhan.I just yawned.
However,there were very powerful cards I ignored;
The Scythers completed the Haymaker cycle and thus the Haymaker was born.
A great series,my dwindling Gyarados deck was boosted by amazing cards that
could do amazing things;Ditto,the transforming wonder,Articuno,the icy bench
battler that hurt Wiggly decks,and Haunter,the unstoppable wall.
So decks got new additions like my choices as Fossil's Best;
The Articunos and Lapras finished the Raindance cycle here and the Moltres
ended the stall-and-discard cycle.
Base Set:
My overall favorite set;two sets for less than one.
Team Rocket:
Thus far,Team Rocket can defeat every other series and it brought in the
hated Cycle;the Cracked cycle.Trainers everywhere filled their decks with
Dark Pokemon that hurt everyone.
The most interesting cards weren't even rare;
Dark Dragonair
Gym Heroes:
I look forward to this series,it appears promising,especially is Misty's
Gyarados evolves from Magikarp,not Misty's Magikarp.
So at the end;I've compiled the best cards for my deck:
2xMagikarp (Base)
2xMagikarp (Rocket)
3xGyarados (Base)
2xSquirtle  (Base)
2xWartortle (Base)
1xBlastoise (Base Set 2)
1xDrowzee (Rocket)
2xGastly (Base)
2xHaunter (Fossil)
2xDratini (Base)
1xDragonair (Base Set 2)
1xDark Dragonair (Rocket)
2xChansey (Base)
2xFull Heal (Base)
2xGust of Wind (Base)
2xSwitch (Base)
1xPokemon Breeder (Base)
1xPokemon Trader (Base)
1xProf. Oak (Base)
1xScoop Up (Base)
1xComputer Search (Base)
1xChallenge! (Rocket)
1xDouble Colorless Energy
15xWater Energy
9xPsychic Energy

Just for the record,Neo appears to have weak Pokemon but strong trainers and
Beyond the Ruins is just weak.

The Master of Gyaradoses;
Miguel "Blast of Rage" Caron
Miguel is the Viridian Gym Leader in the Pokemon League at the Collectioneur
2000,Val d'Or
For any questions write: