Ive seen whats on top lists of each type, each set, and each evolution stage,
but never have i seen a top 5 promo list. So thats what i'll do. I'll do the
top 5 promos then the worst 3.

5 Best Promos:

5: League Promo Eevee
Same as Base Ratatta(who's not that bad) in every way except the power. The
power makes your opponent think twice about evolving, and helps you get out
multiples. Also very upredictable when you're battling one because you don't
know what it'll evolve into out of 6 posiibilties.

4: League Promo Mew
Psybeam is usually crap, but devo beam can be awesome! Best when used if
areodactyl is in play, on a breedered pokémon, or a pokémon that has more
damage than its lower form has HP.

3: Movie Promo Pikachu
My goodness! An evolving basic that has a second turn move that can KO a
blastoise in one hit, and can continue to do 50/100 every other turn! Also
can recharge while waiting to evolve. The only reasons it's not #1 are it'll
stop you from powering up other pokémon and it makes your deck smaller.

2: League Promo Arcanine
You're unsuspecting opponent thunderpunches/psyburns your growlithe, then it
evolves and hits them for 70 or 80 and you laugh in their face. next turn
slap down a DC and quick attack while building up another flames of rage. Or
discard a growlithe with cpu search or oak then revive and evolve it, and
flames of rage will do 70. We all know who that KOs in one hit.

1: Movie Promo Mewtwo
What else could it be? second turn 40. Dead hitmo, kazam, ditto and a lot
other good cards. 70 HP also rocks, and 2 retreat is acceptable. If you have
psychic deck without at least 3 of these, you have some explaining to do.
He's/She's too good not to use. A few days ago, I bought the movie just to
get one of these.

Honorable Mention: Nintendo Power Level 30 Mewtwo
30 to anyone is real good, and energy control's not the worst attack ever.
Too many bad points, though: low HP, high attack costs, can't hurt mime,
first move has a coin flip, and has the same name name as MP Mewtwo. My
psydeck has 4 MP mewtwo, leaving no room for its inferior counterpart.

Worst 3 Promos:

3: Ancient Mew
2 Retreat and 30 HP? thats' disgusting! you'll probably never get it powered
up. "I'll power it up on the bench", you say. My deck deck has G.o.W.s, and
so do a lot of other people's. The attack's okay, though. One hit KO on a MP

2: Computer Error
I thank my opponent when they play these. They're not attacking, and they're
giving me 2 and a half Bills.

1: Computer Error
Yes, its that bad. Why dont you just oak and get all those 5 cards, plus 2
more, you still can attack, and your opponent draws nothing.

James Kimbell