{You walk into the Pokčmon Paradise shop, where you find a young man and
Young Man: Hello. My name is Hadoken, and I am here today to talk about
Tentacool. Many people overrate this card as being "super" useful card.
Today, me and my cousin (no, not a REAL cousin. I'm just RPing!), Mei are
going to tell you WHY he isn't QUITE as good as people tend for it to be.

 Mei: The reason (and if these aren't YOUR reasons, I don't know what they
are.) for Tentacool being "SO GREAT", as some people say, is the PokčPower,
A FEW people think that Cowardice will let you bring ANY Pokemon back to you.
THAT IS VERY, VERY, VERY far from what it says. Ok, maybe I was exaggerating
just then, but Cowardice clearly satates, and I quote, "At any time during
your turn (before
you attack), you may return Tentacool to your hand".
Also, people say to put 4 of them in a 'Kazam stall deck. To me, that is a
waste of  card space. All someone has to have is a Jungle Pikachu and some
GOWs. Bring out the Pikachu, GOW out that Tentacool and use the Spark attack,
which does 20 damage. Add the weakness and it doubles to 40. Instant K.O. on
turn 2!

 Hadoken: Even so, Tentacool is a good card, it's just overrated.
And there ARE other parts to the Cowardice PPower, but we don't have the card
sitting in front of us at this moment. That's all for now!

Hadoken & Mei: C-Ya, Pokčpeeps!
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