I recently read a good article about Lickitung. The author of the article is
right about Lickitung being a strong Chansey substitute.
    If you think about it, Tongue Wrap is actually BETTER than Scrunch. Half
the cost, does damage, and Paralyzing is more effective than just preventing
damage. With Paralyzing, the defending Pokémon can't retreat, or use an
attack with an effect besides damage. Scrunch just prevents damage, so the
defender can retreat in favor of a Pokémon that can
poison/paralyze/confuse/use another effect, even if Scrunch prevents all
damage from ANY Pokémon. Sure, a Switch could save a Tongue Wrapped Pokémon
while it won't help a Pokémon that can't attack because of Scrunch, but
overall Tongue Wrap is better than Scrunch in almost every aspect.
    Supersonic is a bit like Scrunch, and arguably better as well. With
Scrunch, there's one coin flip. Heads, can't be damaged, tails, nothing.
Supersonic adds another coin flip (for confusion), so your opponent will need
to be lucky to attack you next turn if they're confused.
    Sure, Lickitung lacks an attack that does more than 10 damage, but it's
still an excellent card. A very solid 90 HP, good stalling attacks, and it's
easy to get. The only problem besides high damage is its high retreat. It's
very good in many situations, and if Chanseys are scarce, this is a fine