Ok people I am here to open up the gastly "rocks" part of the museum. ( Note:
heavy sarcasam ) Lufta get's a big scyther and cuts the ribbon. Ouch!

At the police stationl. We cought the man that tried to kill you. Lufta-bring
him in and persian. Lufta- persian you stuiped cat I told you to take the
bullet! persian- Well i was getting meow mix and...... Lufta- well don't let
me get shot again, this is the fifth time this week. Persian- Don't forget
you were poisened twice by a tentacruel that you got at a chinese place.
Lufta- Don't ask for fresh tentacruel trust me. Man comes in, this is the guy
that shot you, Lufta-why'd you do it? Man- I was trying to kill scyther. Ohh

Anyway this brings us here. So many poeple are bashing scyther that I can't
stand it. People might as well be saying I love base gastly, and base
haunter! Please people be resonable, scyther is one of the best if not the
best cards out there. If he isn't I should be playing a Mulligan Mewtwo. (
Note a mullie mew deck is a deck highly plaed over a year ago it doesn't
exsit any more. However it had no idea in it at all ) I play scyther in
almost all my decks, anmd almost every good player I know does the same. so
people I'm not getting into a big argument here but really people be


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