Dear Pojo and fans,
    This article concerns Energy Retrieval and Nightly Garbage Run.  I know,
you guys are probably getting sick of comparisons, but this isn't a
comparison.  It is a list of a few decks that should use one or the other.
(In my opinion)

Sponge: Energy Retrieval-  I have tried both Energy Retrieval and NGR in my
Sponge/Haymaker deck.  I have found that NGR just doesn't cut it.  It may
help prevent from decking yourself so quickly, but if it is a well
constructed deck to begin with, you should be able to win before that ever
happens.  Energy Retrieval on the other hand gets what you want back in your
hand when you want it.  I have learned this from experience.  I once was
playing a game and had Promo Mewtwo out.  I got energy on it, but before I
could do anything they were removed.  I ran into a nasty clump without any
Oaks or energy for several turns.  I had a NGR in my hand, but what use is
shuffling the energy back into my deck when Mewtwo needs to absorb it.  If
that NGR had been a Retrieval I would been alright.

Raindance: NGR-  You can still run an efficient Raindance deck without tons
of energy if you include lots of NGR.  They can add a ton of water energy
back into your deck that can be Oaked out, put those KO'ed Squirtles back,
and add cards to your deck all at the same time.  Energy Retrieval is good,
but 2 energy just doesn't cut it.

Stall: NGR-  Pretty self explanatory.  Add cards to your deck and make those
weak Abras ready to use again.

Thats it for now  Remember, these are just my opinions.  If you agree or
disagree let me know.  As always, Take care now, bye bye then.       -Ben