I have seen no one use Venomoth's(Jungle I will only talk about

    It is a good pokemon that I see no one use sure 70 HP is low for an
evolution but I am here to tell you how good it is.  First of all it's
Pokemon Power Shift:Once during your turn you can change his type(not full
writting) this mean's you can always have your opponent's weakness(If he/she
has one).  Now his attack.  Look's very very weak at 10 and expensive at 2
Grass for 0nly 10 but factor in weakness 20. If you flip heads 30.(The attack
Venom Powder: Flip a coin if heads confusion and poison)
    Plus a protective effect confusion they have to filp a coin to attack and
if tails it is all the way up to a great attack 50 and no damage to you that
turn and another 10 for poison.  Also keep in mind you only have to flip
heads once to destroy them(I know they might use full heal(or full heal
    Also free retreat can help if they pull a Energy Removal or Super Energy
Removal(SER for newbees)
    Last for Neo user's now but those who don't wait till they come out and
remember this could be a advantage for use on non Pojo readers Evil Energy:
Shift evil 10 more damage.(no side effect's count's for steel too)
    Steal Energy: Shift 10 less damage.
Cant go rong with that.

    By Emperor Unknown
        Bash all you want I dont care because I cant find a major disadvantage
            Email emperorunknown@aol.com