Now that the verdict is in... "PLAYABLE" and the translation is out,
ancient mew arrives one the scene.

Let's look at his stats shall we?

Type: Psychic
Hp: 30
Attack:  40
Attack cost:  PP
Retreat: **

Well I can tell you that I was VERY disappointed when discovering the
translation.  I guess the  ^* -! "' at the bottom should have translated
into "Cannon Fodder"!

As for anyone deciding to give this card a try... "lol"  here are my two
cents worth.

Don't put 4 in your deck.  "lol"
Since he can't attack on turn one, Ancient Mew is best starting on the
bench with an energy slapped down on him right away.  His attack demands
attention.  Make no mistake about it.  He may be little, but he carries
Have plenty of energy removals!  You NEED to keep the shot's on this mew
down to a minimum.  Trust me, this card can run the table vs an opponent
unable to attack (assuming they don't have any psychic resistant
Best strategy would be using Defender's and potion's, LOT'S of them!
Combined with electric pokemon that like to hurt themselves, you could
make full use and justify the defender use.
Alternate strategies would be to use Team Rocket sneak attack or even
better yet.. LASS!  That way you can see if your opponent has a quick
response attack.  I.E. he has a Hitmonchan in his hand with a pluspower
and a fighting energy.

He can take out a Promo Mewtwo, Alakazam or Hitmonchan with one hit!

Just about any pokemon can take out Ancient Mew with one hit! Makes base
Abra look menacing!


It's too bad that WOTC made this card with these stats!  Just think if
the attack was colourless and the retreat was zero!  I think that would
justify the absolutely PATHETIC hp and made this into a VERY interesting
It would have also kept people going to watch the movie to get more of
these cards!

Don Taylor