I'm here to list the top 5 Pokemon of each color and the top 10
trainers. Here we go!

Top 5 water Pokemon:
1. Blastoise - The only way you are LEGALLY able to break a major
Pokemon rule, allowing you to put down multiple energies.
2. Lapras - The Haymaker Pokemon water has waited for.
3. Dark Blastoise - 70 for 4 is awesome. Blastoise+Dark Blastoise is a
killer combo
4. Dark Golduck - 3 cards for an energy and 50 for PPC makes this card
the Colorless killer in Psychic decks.
5. Gyarados - WWW for 50 and 100 HP make this card strong. Rated this
low for grass weakness (Scyther chow) and it evolves from Magikarp.
Honorable Mention: Articuno, Dark Gyarados

Top 5 Grass Pokemon:
1. Scyther - In my opinion, and many others' opinions as well, this is
the best card in the game. 70 HP and turn 2 60 is great.
2. Muk - Muk's Pokemon Power shuts down both Raindance and Damage Swap.
Has an average attack as well.
3. Beedrill - I think Beedrill is HIGHLY underrated. It is Scyther's
stage 2 cousin. Free retreat, Fighting resistance, 80 HP, GGG for 40 and
Poison. Highly underrated.
4. Venusaur - His Pokemon Power allows for easy use of Pokemon Center,
and can save energy when a Pokemon dies by switching it off before hand.

5. Dark Muk - Raising retreat costs really hurts some Pokemon.
Unfortunately, it only work when Muk is active.
Honorable Mention: Nidoking, Pinsir

Top 5 Fire Pokemon:
1. Ninetales - 80 for 4, 80 HP, and 1 retreat cost is awesome for a
Stage 1.
2. Fossil Magmar - Smokescreen is the best disrupter in the game and
Smog is a great finisher.
3. Arcanine - 100 HP and 80 for RRCC is amazing. Would have rated higher
if not for the 3 retreat cost and self damage
4. Rapidash - Agility is good and Rampage is good. 70 HP is a little
above average also.
5. Dark Flareon - Rage is the Scyther killer and Playing with Fire can
be effective too.
Honorable Mention: Dark Charizard

Top 5 Psychic Pokemon:
1. Movie Mewtwo - This guy is the best late-game Pokemon currently.
Energy Absorption really helps powering up for Psyburn.
2. Alakazam - The power behind Stall decks with Damage Swap.
3. Dark Alakazam - Teleport Blast puts a hit and run twist to psychic
decks and mind Shock is useful on Colorless Pokemon
4. Gengar - Curse is good for that last kill and Dark Mind is an above
average attack
5. Fossil Haunter - Transparency is a nice Power to have.
Honorable Mention: Jynx

Top 5 Fighting Pokemon:
1. Hitmonchan - Do I really need to explain? 70 HP basic with quick
attacks. We've heard this before.
2. Aerodactyl - Shuts down Raindance, Damage Swap, Wigglytuff and any
other deck that relies on evolutions.
3. Hitmonlee - High Jump kick is great and Stretch Kick is good.
4. Dark Machamp - Fling is a great disrupter and Mega Punch is not bad
5. Dugtrio - 40 for FFC is good and Earthquake would be great if not for
the bench damage.
Honorable Mention: None

Top 5 Electric Pokemon:
1. Electabuzz - See Hitmonchan
2. Base Electrode - Electric Shock is above average and Buzzap can be
3. Dark Jolteon - Electric Flash is like Smokescreen only with more
4. Dark Magneton - Sonicboom is good Electric resistant Pokemon and
Magnetic Lines functions as an Energy Removal
5. Fossil Raichu - Great bench disrupter
Honorable Mention: Dark Raichu, Fossil Zapdos.

Top 5 Colorless Pokemon:
1. Wigglytuff - Do The Wave is awesome, especially when combined with
2. Ditto - Copies a heavy hitter's attack, but can be powered up quicker
with DCE
3. Chansey - I don't see Chansey high on many Top 5/10 lists, so I guess
he is the unsung hero of stall decks
4. Clefable - Any attack for one energy is great, but it's HP is average
and Clefairy is GOW bait.
5. Dark Dragonair - Evolutionary Light helps in any evolution deck
Honorable Mention: Dragonair

Top 10 Trainers:
1. Bill - 2 cards on demand
2. Professor Oak - Crummy hand, be gone!
3. Comp. Search - Get what I want when I want it.
4. Energy Removal - Sets your opponent back a turn.
5. Nightly Garbage Run - Rated low because the cards go to your deck not
your hand
6. Pokemon Center - Get rid of all damage
7. Item Finder - get valuable Trainers back from the discard pile
8. Rocket's Sneak Attack - Get rid of your opponent's Trainers
9. PlusPower - Kill an opponent in one turn instead of two.
10. Gust of Wind - Pick out the easy kill
Honorable Mention: Super Energy Removal, Lass, Energy Retrieval, Switch,
Impostor Professor Oak's Revenge, Challenge!, Pokemon Breeder.
(NOTE: I probably over looked several Trainers that deserved mention, so
do NOT flame me for that. Thank you)

Well that's it. My first article not in response to another. I'm so
proud of myself.

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