Hello! This is Mr. Dinosaur, and I'm here to talk today about cards people
usually bash. With a LOT of strategy, you can actually make these cards work
out! Let's begin. First, here's my method of energies:
(L)= Leaf, Grass, Plant...whatever
(F)= Fighting, Ground, Rock....you get it
(R)= Fire
(W)= Water, Blue....you know...
(P)= Psychic
(E)= Electric, Lightning....whichever you prefer
(C)= Colorless
(S)= Steel
(V)= Evil


Yes, the low hp, highly bashed, line of horrible rock pokémon. But with
strategy, they can work. First, let's give the stats:

Basic Pokémon
50 HP
Weakness: L
Retreat Cost: C
FC Stone Barrage (10x) Flip a coin until you get tails. This attack does 10
damage times the number of heads

Stage 1 Pokémon {Evolves from Geodude}
60 HP
Weakness: L
Retreat Cost: CC
FF Harden () During your opponent's next turn, prevent all damage done that
is 30 or less.
FFC Rock Throw (40)

Stage 2 Pokémon {Evolves from Gravler}
80 HP
Weakness: L
Retreat Cost: CCCC
FFFC Avalanche (60)
FFFF Self Destruct (100) This attack does 20 damage to each pokémon on each
player's bench. Golem does 100 damage to itself.

Ok, not very promising stats....especially the HP problem...But we can get
around that!! Sort of... Anyway, we're gonna try and build a deck using
these cards. If you actually spend more than 2 seconds looking at this card,
you can see what their purpose is. DAMAGE. And lots of it. That's their
purpose. Sitting on the bench, building up, then coming out and dealing
their damage. Let's look at the possible damage each of them can do:
Geodude: A lot....sometimes....
Gravler: 40
Golem:   100

All of them can do at least 40 damage. So now that we know what theme we
have here, let's make a deck. We need LOTS of healing stuff, these guys suck
in the HP department. We also need LOTS of backup and LOTS of good basics,
some who can stall.


Pokémon: {14}
4x Geodude(Evolve...maybe damage..)
2x Gravler(Look above)
3x Golem(DAMAGE)
3x Hitmonchan(Wonderful starter)
2x Onix(Just here to stall)

Trainers: {21}
3x Potion(Keep 'em out there)
3x Defender(Still Keep them out there)
1x Item Finder(Get those trainers back)
3x Energy Retrieval(Retreating is hard, wastes energies)
2x Energy Removal(I need to stall for time!)
2x Pokémon Breeder(Get Golem out A.S.A.P.)
4x Switch(High Retreats here)
2x Professor Oak(Just for backup)
4x Bill(Look above)
2x Scoop Up(For 'Chan and Onix)

Energy Cards:
20 Fighting Energies

Your first thought is probably the lack of "drawing" cards. Well, the fact
is, drawing cards isn't the strategy here. That's why this deck doesn't do
bad against Stall, the Oaks don't kill you. Anyway, all those potions build
up to the decks strategy. Do loads of damage while keeping you're pokémon
alive. Like BodyGuard, really.... But here we're focusing on Golem. We try
to keep him alive as long as possible in order to deal damage with
Avalanche. Onix is for early game, when you need to stall to get Golem
charged. Hitmonchan is there for early game, and late, too. The big problem
with all of these guys is their retreat. That's what all the switch is for.
This deck could be tweaked heavily, by changing the trainers a lot, but for
now, Golem can actually work.


Ah yes, the horrible line of Flytraps. Not to worry! Sort of....

Basic Pokémon
40 HP
Weakness: R
Retreat Cost: C
L Vine Whip (10)
L Call for Family () Search your deck for a card named Bellsprout and put it
on your bench. Shuffle your deck afterward. This attack can't be used if
your bench is full.

Stage 1 Pokémon {Evolves from Bellsprout}
70 HP
Weakness: R
Retreat Cost: C
L Poison Poweder (10) Flip a coin. If heads, the defending pokémon is now
LL Razor Leaf (30)

Stage 2 Pokémon {Evolves from Weepinbell}
80 HP
Weakness: R
Retreat Cost: CC
L Lure () Choose one of your opponent's benched pokémon and switch it with
the defending pokémon.
LL Acid (20) Flip a coin. If heads, the defending pokémon cannot retreat
during your opponent's next turn,

Ok....bad...I know, it's hard to see any good sides with this pathetic line.
Ok, this line has no goal in life other than to die....BUT WAIT...can these
moronic cards have a good side???? THEY CAN ALL ATTACK WITH ONE ENERGY!! Ok,
so that isn't so good... But this means less energy cards in your deck!
Let's make a deck from these pieces of junk!


Pokémon: {17}
4x Bellsprout
2x Weepinbell
4x Victreebell
4x Scyther
3x Lickitung

Trainers: {21}
3x Defender
3x Pokémon Breeder
2x Gust of Wind
3x Bill
2x Oak
2x Scoop Up
3x Energy Removal
3x Item Finder

Energy Cards: {22}
18 Leaf Energy
4 Double Colorless

Ok, the deck is held together by Lickitung and Scyther, supporting the
Victreebel line. The point of this deck is to attack faster than you're
opponent, and not letting you're opponent attack well with the Defender and
Energy Removal. Energy cards run pretty low, and lacks Energy Retrieval. Try
as hard as you can to end the game soon, if you can. You need Victreebel
fast, so there's a bunch of drawing cards(namely, Bill and Oak). Now, you
have to have Scyther charged quickly to do some damage and also you must
have Energy Removal in your hand and Lickitung and Bellsprout on the bench
to start out. TRY AND PROTECT BELLSPROUT. If you somehow know your opponent
has a Gust, try to play another Bellsprout. Try and only play Bellsprout if
you have Weepinbell in your hand. This deck is nice in the early game, but
tends to lose in the later game. The deck's strength is low energy costs,
making it easy to charge up pokémon and attack fast.


I know, everyone hates Snorlax...

Basic Pokémon
90 HP
Weakness: F
Resistance: P-30
Retreat Cost: CCCC
Pokémon Power: Thick Skinned  This pokémon cannot become asleep, confused,
paralyzed, or poisoned. This power stops working if Snorlax is already
asleep, confused, or paralyzed.
CCCC Body Slam (30) Flip a coin. If heads, the defending pokémon is now

Here we have a reasonable card. 90 HP rocks, but 4 retreat and CCCC attack
cost isn't so hot. To make a deck, we need lots of backup.

Pokémon: {16}
4x Snorlax
2x TR Drowzee
4x Chansey
4x Movie Promo Mewtwo
4x Scyther

Trainers: {22}
3x Imposter Professor Oak
3x Gambler
3x Bill
4x Energy Removal
2x Super Energy Removal
4x Scoop Up

Energy Cards:
4 Double Colorless Energy
21 Psychic Energies

This deck's strategy is fairly self explanatory. This deck works fast, use
Chansey and Snorlax to give some time if you need it. When they're damaged,
scoop em' up. Mewtwo and Scyther provide the damage. TR Drowzee is for
backup in case you need to stall a bit more; try taking these out for some
Item Finders. See how it works out. Try and end the game at mid-speed. And
use Chansey and Snorlax as good sponges.

Ok. THat ends it.
This is me.......er.....leaving............