Jeeze, the loser who wrote the article about venusaur being better than blastoise must be pretty inexperienced. He thinks it's better because it has retreat cost of two instead of three and 60 for four instead of five. Who frickin cares. BLASTOISE HAS RAIN DANCE, IT CAN BE FULLY POWERED ON TURN TWO, venusaur can be fully powered at the least-- FOUR D*MN turns. Do you know what that means for all you losers that think venusaur is better than blastoise---blastoise kills venusaur before he gets enough energy to even do 60. And with blastois's rain dance, his retreat cost is no problem.
sorry if I sounded a little violent, it just pisses the hell out of me when some loser says that a big, fat, green plant is better than a cool looking turtle. A good rain dance deck like mine could take out a venusaur deck any day.
thank you
Griffin Branham