A great combo would have to be this:
 Make a Grass/Psychic deck containing 4-3-2 of the abra and bulbasaur line. Have Comp search and Traders to get your evolves out. Play 4 Chanseys as well. Also, play 4 pokemon centers and a few item finders and prof oaks. What you do is put anyone in play, anyone! Just let it be Venusaur or Chansey. Alakazam removes all the damage from them when they are hurt! Venusaur can move the energies around, and pokemon center heals everyone for nothing! Then just move every energy back where they belong and kick some butt. You dont really even need many psychic energies, since the abra line is the only psychic part you need. This is just the best combo out there right now, and I will defend this proclamation.
  E. Judd