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Pokemon Tournament Reports

Pokemon Nats Report
By Jay

So after all the ranking stuff has been uploaded so far I’m second in NA. There is no way I can say I got here by myself and there is definitely a few people I owe thank yous to below is just a short list, in no particular order
Con L.
Alex F.
Chris Fulop
Drew G.
Jessica Alba

Like I said guys Thank You.

One more last one I want to say thank you to James, you know what you did for me, man. Thanks.

Since I won Regional’s we got the hotel from Thursday thru Sunday. However I read about a box tournament at B&B Cards in Eureka, MO Wednesday night. I thought this would be a really great chance to play in a semi-competive environment and be a great warm up tournament. So we leave we leave early Wednesday and get to our motel about 4 and I head down to the shop around 5, the tournament starts at 6. I really think that G-Champ was probably the play. But I knew that there was no one I was going to play it Saturday I decided to go with LuxApe, I ended up going 4-0 than splitting a box of RR with the only other 4-0 in Masters. The card shop was seriously one of the nicest I have ever been in, it was great friendly atmosphere and the prices were reasonable and even cheap on some things. All in All a great place. The only complaint I had was at $10 a head and a reasonable good size tournament I think they could have prized out maybe top 4 with something, so it didn’t feel like a single elimination tournament.


We get to the hotel I believe around 11 AM or 12, and are actually able to get into our room which was great. I pretty much don’t do much today except catch with friends and screw around and play test. So they open the game room and I end up staying up till about 2:30 in the morning. Everybody was just hanging out, it was a great time.

I get up a little before 7 shower and get down to the convention center a little before 8. Of course it doesn’t open before 9. So I trade an extra Flygon X and stuff for the stuff I need for a second LuxApe deck. I still don’t know what I’m going to play Flygon or LuxApe but I decide to play LuxApe because I had the least practice with it. Long story short I end up going 7-0 with it including 4-0 against Flygon (even though 1 was a donk) and 1-0 in Mirror. Which only made me think more Luxape was the right play for nats.

I do my best to report everything accurately, however if I have info wrong please tell me and I will edit it. Also I would love to fill in all the names if I played you and skipped on your name in this report please let me know. I would love to get all the names filled in to.


So I pretty much stay up all night and make 5 AM breakfast run to McDonalds with people from the game room who also stay up all night. I get back to the hotel around 6:30 wake about 8:30 quickly shower and get to the convention center a little after 9 AM. 2 Hours worth of Sleep, this should be interesting. There was a quite a few delays the day before so I didn’t think anything would actually be on time today especially at the start with as many people as they had. However I was wrong, I got to get the convention center right and the point they were saying take out your lists. So I run and grab a pen from Jason K. (thanks man) and start rushing to fill out my list. I had it mostly down by memory count the card numbers twice and finish with mere seconds to spare.

Round 1: VS. Flygon/Tangrowth/Leafeon

I played against this deck Thursday night in the game room, at first I thought it was really stupid. But the deck is far more annoying to play against than people would thing since both the Tang and the Trapinch both constantly pulled up your bench Pokémon combined. Plus he played Patchy, so I wasn’t going to underestimate this deck. I had my strategy down I guarded my Claydol and only dropped Pokémon I had to have in play or free retreat. He started off well with Patchy vs. My Luxray. I don’t remember who goes first. But either way he calls for family and grabs Baltoy, Trapinch, and a Tang. I figure I’ll take the 1 energy gain loss since I will be up 2 prizes. So I bright look up Baltoy kill it. But of course draw an energy gain as a prize. He patchy hits me for 40 and nails 2 energy gain. I bat drop and energy gain to kill patchy. He never really hits another Claydol, and he never got an Uxie off. So it was pretty much smooth sailing from there. Definenitly an interesting deck but very hard to set up without Claydol.


Round 2: VS. SpeedDrill
He goes first with double weedle I believe and calls for a Baltoy. I get a great hand of Ape and Energy, and a Gain. I believe between a Crobat and a Lucario, I’m able to one shot the first Weedle, and he never really got anything going between Lucario and Crobat/Turn I was able to one shot pretty much whatever he put into play. After a few turns I had multiple Infernapes built up and always seemed to have key Power Sprays whenever tried to do something. I think he might have gotten one Cosmic Power off, I don’t know if he ever got a Flutter Wings off before I was able to Luxray Snipe them.


Round 3: Luke Reed Gallade X/Honchkrow
He didn’t draw a supporter for the first 2-3 turns which allowed me to get a little bit of a prize lead. He finally top decks a Wager ends up winning it. Burns his hand and tries to Uxie for 4-5, I flip over the Power Spray. (the 3 cards I got cut to were Spray/Claydol/Cyrus) I make a huge mistake at one point my trying to Power Spray with 2 SP Pokémon in play which allows him to Uxie for 5, but he pretty much whiffs on anything big. He takes 2-3 prizes but since he got a much slower start I was too far ahead in energy drops and set up.


Round 4: Vs. Gengar

Really cool guy, but just couldn’t get anything going. I Luxray sniped Baltoy as soon as it was benched and had the sprays for Uxie. He might have seen 1 or 2 Gengars the whole game I don’t think ever got a Queen.


Round 5: Johnny Blaze with, Manectric/Electravire/A ton of Techs
So I pretty much played by the strategy at the start and easily took a 3-5 prize lead. He had no energy in play, so I make fatal mistake, I get cocky and just rush him for game, I take 1-5 prize lead, but he pulls out a Manetric and Power Waves me 3 Turns in a row for 5 prizes. Since he had Ampy in play there was nothing I could do. I did everything I could digging for a Poketurn or SSU. But hit nothing. This loss kind of bother me because I really felt like I threw away the game myself. He even had the Manectric in play so he had probably a good 15 outs for an electric. All I can say is I was tired, and I misplayed had I stuck to the strategy I think I would have had him. He is friend so I congratulated him, and while I was upset I lost I was happy because I knew he would top after this and like I said he is a stand up guy.


Round 5: Elissa Hill with Gengar

She opens with Nidoran to my Luxray and passes. I attach, gain, Crobat. Uxie for 4. All I need is either a Bat, Turn, or Cyrus for game. And I believe I hit Turn and a Cyrus. GG. I really don’t like winning this way but I won’t pass it up either. Thankfully she was cool about the whole thing. We wished each other luck and moved on.


At this point I find out Colin is 6-0 with Dusknoir, Apparently it’s not dead?

Round 6: Peter Ortiz with Mirror

I don’t really remember much about this match except that he prized his Infernape X which really hurt him. I kept him Power Sprayed most of his key Uxie’s/Luxrays and he wasn’t able to set up a Uxie X till very late.


Round 7: Kingdra/1-1-1-1 Flygon X/1-1 Flotzel X

So he misses the turn 1 Kingdra and snipe his Claydol, and pretty much Luxray/Lucario most of his Kingdra’s he finally gets his Flygon X up. But I Luxray around it for my last couple prizes.


Top 128: Vs. Gardy/Weavile

Game 1: This guy is way happy he made it at 5-3. So we start off and I get turn 1 Ape/Gain Spread Spread. I really don’t want to give him time to set up with Weavile so I just rush him, he gets 1 Shadow Charge off. And I easily pick off a few basics for game. At this point I hadn’t even seen a Ralts so I still didn’t know what he was playing. I really thought it was probably Flygon.

Game 2: He never really gets set up this game either, he gets a Ralts start which I turn 2 with Ape (he let me go first). I have an amazing Ape/Call/Bebe’s start and just go get set up way to fast. I don’t know if he ever saw a Gardy or Claydol either game, and I know he didn’t see a Gallade.


Top 64: Vs. Gengar

Game 1: He gets an amazing start and opens with 2 Rev Holo PokeDrawer, So by turn 2, he has a Gengar and double Claydol in play. I open with Brongzong so there goes 1 Turn. I’m like, wow, I somehow I keep this game close. I didn’t really want to scoop it, since while he was in full control of the game I was never truly out of it. It comes down to 1-1 on prizes and he has a Nidoqueen with active but I just kill with my Ape X, I’m 10 shy and had burned through all my Bats/Turns.

Game 2: I start with Ape and I believe Call, which I grabed Luxray/Baltoy. (I mully once by the way). His Turn he starts with Gastly/Baltoy. Plays BTS Gastly-Haunter-Gengar-Psychic, Baltoy-Claydol- Lookers, shuffles mine in. Cosmic 1 for 6. Long story short I somehow steal this game by taking 3 Prizes when time is called on my turn. So I have a 1-2 prize lead and on to game 3


Game 3: Gastly to my Ape, he goes first and Pitch Dark. Burn my hand down so he can’t kill me with Poltergeist, and then Call for Baltoy/Ray. He plays down Crobat and 3 Poke Turn, leaving Baltoy with 10 HP left and plays Lookers for 5. Whiffs on a Bat or Fourth turn, My turn I’m able to get a Unown G under a Claydol, so its out of Bat drop win, attach to Ray and pass. He drops double PokeDrawers, Rare Candy Gengar, and goes for game with Poltergeist, but hits 1 I Luxray kill a Bat next turn for game. GG man.


We were all tired, we each made some small game play errors and we each tried to ruleshark a bit with it to. It was late, we were tired, and it was high pressure game we both wanted day 2 really bad. I have no hard feelings over it and I certainly hope you don’t either.

At this point I could not believe I survived this day and actually moved on. Some friends and I hit up Domino’s and I end up getting back to the hotel around 2, went out like a light and woke up about 7:30 AM. Made it down to the center around 8:15. So I wait around but I make a huge by not checking in. I thought that they would seat us and that would be our “check in” but I hear my name over the loud speakers and quickly go check. So I go check in, and when I get there the Judge as a huge smile on his face and say we need to talk to you about your deck. That’s never a good thing. So I was in such a hurry the day before combined with being tired I apparently turned in a 59 Card list. So they tell me I have to replace my Lucario with a basic energy, so I’m like fine fire. And they tell me to resleeve, once again not a big deal, I didn’t play with a mat on Saturday which is surprising since I did have one there I just simply didn’t care. I think the judges let me off light with that 59 Card list thing, I was honestly expecting a DQ or at the very least a game loss. But I give everyone my word I played Lucario the whole day, and the entire thing was an honest mistake.

Ok so top 32 I’m like okay now I’ll probably play Beedrill and really start kicking myself over that deck list. But whatever its my mistake.

Top 32: Will Stevens with Mirror

Game 1: Alright another mirror, game 1 he goes first and attaches to Ape and benched Luxray, he Uxie, set up for 3 or 4 attach to Ape and gain for a 20-20 spread gambling he can’t pull off the Turn 2 Ape X. But he did, and that pretty much put me behind the entire game. I stay in the game but he has too much control I end up taking 3 or 4 prizes but he just has to much of a lead. There was a point in the middle of the game where I thought I had a chance because he was starting to stall out a bit but he set up a Uxie X and got back on track.


Game 2: I don’t open horribly but I don’t see a supporter for 3 or 4 turns which really set me to far behind in mirror. This was another game where I was never really out of the game. But he had board control for pretty much the whole game. I ended up taking 2-3 prizes to his 4 or 5 before time is called. There was nothing I could do I shook his hand and wished him luck.

Went to Time

He just drew really well the first game and I drew really bad at the start of the second. Combined with the fact he didn’t really make any major misplays and played a very smooth game. I don’t really think I got out played. Just one of those things where when you got two guys with the same strategy, that both know what they’re doing. I think it could of gone either way he just got the hands.

             Alright this is really hard for me to do but I think I need to. I really don’t want to go into detail but some things in my personal life that I’ve been trying to deal with pretty much blew up in my face Friday night. I was in a horrible mood Saturday and I know I was on edge and to some people just came off has downright rude. For those of you who know me I do my best to play this game with class. Also to all my friends you have no idea how much it really helped me to just get out of the hotel and the convention center and do something non Pokémon related. Thank you to all of You.




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