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Pokemon Tournament Reports

top 16 Regionals report
By pokmeman

My top 16 Regionals report.
I played Abomasnow/Manectric
 Pokemon: 18
4 Snover (SF)
4 Abomasnow (SF)
2 Manectric (PL)
2 Electrike (MD)
2 Baltoy (GE)
2 Claydol (GE)
1 Pachirisu (GE)
1 Unown G (GE)
1 Cresselia (MD)
1 Cresselia LvX (GE)
Trainers: 25
4 Bebe's Search
4 Roseanne's Research
4 Warp Point
2 Dawn Stadium
2 Cynthia's Feelings
1 Looker's Investigation
2 Night Maintenance
3 TM Evoluter
1 TM Devoluter
1 Luxury Ball
1 Premier Ball
Energy: 15
3 Call Energy
1 Cyclone Energy
2 Water Energy
9 Electric Energy

It was a good day all around, long, but good.
I got up at about 8 for the half hour drive to downtown Toronto, and when we got to the hotel, My brother and I couldn't figure out which floor it was on, because it wasn't where it usually was, but we eventually figured it out and took the elevator to the top floor for the tourney.
I didn't have a deck made entirely, but I knew that I wanted to use Abomasnow, so I borrowed two Manectric at the beginning of the tourney, was given a lightning energy, and bought an Unown G as well as two Dawn Stadium.
Then I was ready to go.
Round 1 (Tyranitar/Weavile) (Sorry, I don't remember your name)
He had a very poor start, and I had a decent one, getting going with an Abomasnow quickly, using snow play a couple of times before he got the KO. When he got out his Weavile to power up his two Tyranitar, I sent up Manectric which took prizes on his weavile as well as Uxie's.
What it came down to was a nearly fully powered T-Tar being knocked out by Devoluter for the game.
Round 2 (Empoleon/Giratina) (Marcel Lesage)
He started with a Piplup and baltoy on the bench. I was able to get a quick Manectric and started hammering all his pokemon with powers for 30, including uxie's and Claydol.
Eventually he was forced to play his hand and use Giratina's power, which set up another KO for Manectric, which was the story of the game. Manectric's Poke-body also helped keep Baltoy safe for me.
Round 3 (Toxicroak G/Skuntank G) (Tyler Curtis)
He had a decent deck, which took me down to one prize, but all I remember from this game was KO'ing Crobats, Skuntanks, and finishing with a warp point to Manectric to which you sent out Honchkrow, which I hit for 40 x2 for the win.
Round 4 (AMU) (Ray Lui)
He was a great player to play against, and I believe he dropped later in the day to see how his kids were doing. And they did well Smile
Anyway, the match.
He started strong with an Azelf hitting for 20, but it all went downhill for him after that because his power-heavy deck couldn't stand up to Manectrics which were dealing about 120 overall per turn. He had out a Palkia LvX, but I had the Warp Point every single time to get Claydol out of the active position. He never got a Supreme Blast in the whole game.
Round 5 (Beedrill Swarm) (Princess) I'm very sorry, I forgot your last name.
Well, this was an interesting game. I am playing down (4-0 vs. 3-1) and wondering what would happen. She started with a baltoy and attached a leaf energy, and I was wondering if I was playing a Torterra deck, which would be difficult, but beatable.
But then came the Beedrills, and with them hitting for one hit KO's on my Abomasnows which could do almost nothing to them, I lost this one fairly badly.
Just before round 6 I was talking with the guy who had lent me the Manectrics, and he said he'd played the same deck at provincials, but was beaten in the top four by a Blaziken deck. I was a little worried, but I didn't think I'd see one.
Round 6 (Blaziken) I'm very sorry, I don't remember your name.
Wouldn't you know it. Blaziken.
But I did well regardless.
He started with a Torchic, me with a Snover, he hit me for 20, I hit him for 20 and sleep, which he rolled a tails for. I KO'd it next turn with a snow play from Abomasnow and took over the game from there. His Uxie's and Platinum Blaziken were badly hurt by Manectric, and I took the win with use of nearly all four Warp Points (again).
I was pretty sure I'd made the top cut from here.
Round 7 (Dialga G) (Professor Terry.)
I didn't expect to win this one going in, and his Dialga overwhelmed me with their steel energy and my low damage output.
He stopped my powers for 7 turns in a row as well, but I couldn't KO his mespirit because he took all six prizes first. Toungue
Top 16
I was seeded 9th, the exact same as last year's Eastern Canadian Regionals, but this year I faced Coleman Fung (Sorry if I got your last name wrong).
Another Dialga G deck.
The first in the best two out of three was all Dialga G, with their special metals preventing all damage, and him not laying many supports for me to KO. I scooped to go to game two.
I did fairly well this game, fully powering up an Abomasnow, using Manectric's second attack to it's full extent, and using my resistance combined with Cresselia LvX to damage the Dialga G more. But time was called, with me behind on prizes.

I finished somewhere about 9th I suppose, though you don't really know, considering there might have been an upset. It was a good day, I just wish I could have improved on last year rather than doing the exact same thing. Toungue


- To Bryan who lent me the two Manectric

- To my little brother who finished 15th in seniors, winning 9 packs

- To pulling Dialga G in my packs

- To having Dad drive me to downtown Toronto


- How long the tournament took

- Not improving on last year

- Best friend not being able to come.

That's all.

Thanks for reading.





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