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Pokemon Tournament Reports

Pokemon- Battle Roads
October 2009
By Guy

Hey everybody this is Guy with a battle roads recap. Sorry its so late, it took place last weekend, but I just now have the time to write up a report. My local battle roads took place in Anderson, SC at Planet Comics. This was my first official tournament in 5 years, so I was pretty excited/nervous. I run a Salamence/Kingdra deck, and I don't want to say much more about it, since I believe it has a lot of potential and I don't want anyone copying it ;). There were 16 people in the masters division, and about 25 total players.


Game one vs Denise (SP Dragonite/Gyrados/Crobat/Mewtwo lv X)

Game one was pretty weird. Denise played a strange Dragonite/Crobat/Gyrados sp with Mewtwo lv X deck. I had never seen an SP deck with this concentration of pokemon. She got her gyrados out fairly quickly and just kept using wriggle. I got out my Salamence out fairly quick and it was game over from there.

W 6-0


Game two vs Bo (Speedrill)

Bo and I go way back to the days when I used to pay in middle school/ high school, so this was a great throwback match. Bo ran a pretty good Speedrill deck, and I had never played one before, so I new we were in for a good fight. He got out to an early lead, and I made a few mistakes. For one I should have combustioned a weedle to take a prize early, it would have saved a lot of stress in the last part of the game. Two, I should have used the Bebe's search in my hand to get another Salamence out, but instead I Galactic wagered it away. Dumb. Anyway he jumped out to a 2 prize lead before I took down a Beedrill. The game went back and forth until he had one prize left, I had two prizes left, two cards left in my deck, and 1 minute on the game clock. My turn. I draw my card, Claydol two cards to put the rest of my deck in my hand. He has a Beedrill with 50 damage as his active, and a Beedrill with 100 damage on his bench. I draw the water energy I need with Claydoll. I drop the water onto my active Salamence, pull it back, bring up my Kingdra, drop the active Beedrill for 60 and to take the first prize and hit the benched Beedrill for 20 to take the second prize with only a few seconds left on the game clock. Great game.

W 6-5


At this point I'm 2-0 and we head into lunch break. Bo and I go next door to grab some food and regroup mentally after such an intense game.


Game three vs Chase (Gardevoir/Gallade/Dusknoir)

Chase is a great player, and I predicted to a buddy of mine that he would win the whole thing. So with his Dusknoir out, I quickly realized I was just going to keep 3 pokemon on the bench for this game, but that turned out not to be a problem. I load up two Salamences and one Kingdra. I take 2 prizes before he drops my Salamence with a Gallade. I have another Salamence loaded up so I bring it up to take another prize. The game comes down to 1 prize for me and and 3 prizes left for Chase. He has a Gallade that's 20 damage from being knocked out on the bench, so I bring up my Kingdra and pop it off for the win. Luckily for me I got the draw cards I needed and was not hindered by his Gardevior psychic locking my Claydoll's powers. It was a good game and Chase ended up placing 4th.

W 6-3


So I'm heading into the final round as one of only two 3-0 players. It's me vs Metal Mike for the undefeated spot in the finals.


Game four vs Metal Mike (who doesn't run a metal deck..... but runs a SP Blaze/ray/garchomp deck)

This game was really no contest. Mike got his Blaziken up QUICK and brought up my Claydoll and burnt it. I drew no draw cards and whenever my Claydoll wasn't burnt it was powersprayed. So as you can guess he took this game fairly easily. I had no draw power and only 3 pokemon out. Mike ran this deck quick, and this was by far the best deck I have seen played in the game since I've been back.

L 0-3


After this game I'm sitting tied at 3-1 with three other players. One player was late and got a first round loss, so I know I was sitting in front of him in the standings, one of the other 3-1 players was Chase whom I had beaten, so I knew I was ahead of him too. I did not know who the other guy was at 3-1, but I knew he beat a 2-1 player to get to his record, and I lost to a 3-0 player (and eventual champion) to get to my record. I thought I might a have been ahead of him in the rankings since I beat the fourth place player, and played the 1st place guy. I'm not sure who he played, but somehow we each had one tie breaker. Unfortunately for me he had the more important tiebreaker and made it into the finals. That's ok tho, its just how things happen sometimes. I was proud of Salamence for doing so good (especially against some good tournament decks) and I won a few packs. Can't complain.


Had a great time, won two packs, finished third, played an original-ish deck, got some stuff to improve the deck. I was happy with myself. Great battle roads. Looking forward to the next big tournament.


Final record 3-1, 3rd place finish.





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