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Pokemon Tournament Reports

City Championship Report - Eindhoven
by Raichu 88 (Maurice v/d Bosch)
January 2008


We stayed over at my parents house. The crew contained Rob, Wesley and Me. Later on our friend Jamal came along too. We play tested till early in the morning somewhere around 4-ish we went to bed. The next morning I woke everybody up and started getting ready. Everyone was ready to go except for Jamal wich we had to pick up along the road. So we did and drove off to Eindhoven. We came just in time… (thanks to Rob) even though driving like that gets you killed in the long run.  


Anyway I decide to play Gallade/Gardevoir/Furret 


Round 1 vs ???? forgot his name


He played Pidegeot and Shiftree. I saw 1 Pidgeot and some Seedots. He recently started playing so I don’t blame him.





Round 2 vs Ms. Helskens with Kingdra Ex


She really doesn’t care much about winning or losing. I know I played her many times before. We always make the Game as fun as possible. So I got my Setup pretty early because of my Furret. She on the otherhand got it pretty late. I had 2 Gallade’s out and started taking 2 easy prizes. When she finally build her 2 Kingdra Ex. I Ko’d the 2 and took Game.





Round 3 vs Kristel Helskens with Magmortar/Absol


I like ey, am I playing you again. And she’s like nooo I don’t wanna see you third round.

So we started playing, she doesn’t have much of a setup although she has an Absol wich keeps annoying me. I finally got what I want and started Koing her Pokemon. But she came back with a Magmortar and some Scramble Energy. So I sacreficed my Stantler (so it wouldn’t be the weakest Pokemon on the field)  to do 60 with a Psy-Lock. She Ko’s my Gardevoir but I had an Gardevoir Lv X ready to Bring Down Magmortar.





Round 4 vs Jeffrey with Absol/Gallade


Great! A mirrormatch. We both didn’t had much of a setup. When I finally got my Furret up I got my Gardy really quick and started to Setup. A Turn after my Gardevoir drop he finally drops his. We start to Telepass each other all the time and after a while he takes my Furret.

I had a Rare Candy and a Gallade in my hand and a Ralts Benched. So I send Ralts to the Active spot and draw my card….. Scramble!!!!! So I took out his Gallade. He didn’t had anything left but an Absol and a Sableye. He used them to pull of some dirty tricks. But he couldn’t make enough Ko’s in time so I take the Game.





Round 5 vs Arco Oliemans with Absol/Gallade


Great! Another mirrormatch.. Ah well atleast it’s Arco. So we have some fun and laughs afterwards he just Absols me to death….. hahaha ahh well he’s my friend so I don’t care.





I’m in Top 4 3th place



Top 4


1 Arco Oliemans

2 Ken v/d Shoor

3 Maurice v/d Bosch

4 Gawein Wagner



Round 6 vs Ken v/d Shoor with Absol/Gallade…


>_<…………… AGAIN!!!! I’m the only Top 4 player that plays Furret instead of Absol in his Gallade/Gardevoir Deck.


First Game


Both go really quick we and play it out till the last prize. Too bad he took the first one….





Second Game


He Absols everything out of my hand……




4-2 like yesterday ah well…. And like yesterday I finish 3th place.





Rob, Wesley and Jamal for all the Fun

Cherry Coke!







The people working there were really really grumpy and rude.




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