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Pokemon Tournament Reports

City Championship Report Leiderdorp
January 2008, by Raichu88


The night before a friend of mine stayed over to playtest and stuff. After we playtested till 8 in the morning our friend Rob picked us up and we drove off to the tourney location.


I’m  sick of this Luck-based Format so I played Absol/Honchkrow a.k.a Dark Wing Duck.

There were 24 Masters, we played 5 rounds of Swiss and then a Top 4. 


Round 1 vs Ken v/d Schoor with Gallade/Gardevoir


I know he was playing Gallade/Gardevoir. I kept domanating the field and soon I was in total control. I made him top-deck for the entire game. He did get lucky sometimes and topdecked a Birch or a Steven. Eventually he came back to 2 prizes but by that time I could I take my last with Honchkrow’s LvX Faint attack or just give him the Turn and he would Deck-out. So he asks me if I let him go Deck-out so I did.





Round 2 vs Arnold Antonissen with Banette/Charizard


We just started playing I got a smooth setup so does he. After a while he plays Prof. Oaks Visit without putting 1 card on the bottom of his Deck. So tell him he should ‘Put that card on the !BOTTOM! of his Deck’ so he does and then shuffles. So I call the Judge and he gets a Game-Loss and I get a Warning. Lame way to Win but …..ah wel his fault.





Round 3 vs Kristel Helskens with Magmortar/Absol


She starts with a bunch of Magmar. I started with Absol, because of Absol he started to pick cards from her hand. With a little help of Team Galactic’s Mars and Umbreon* her hand was empty real quick. Se didn’t topdecked one singel usefull card except for a few Birch. I didn’t took me long to K.O all the Magmar’s.





Round 4 vs Paul Moed with Armaldo d/Magnezone/Mawile


He got a pretty quick Magnezone. It cost me 2 Murkrows because I pulled of some tricks with Buffer Piece. After finally Koing his Magnezone he didn’t had anything left but a Anorith and some Mawile’s. I had to attach 3 Plus Power to K.O Anorith. After doing that he only had Mawile’s and an empty hand.





Round 5 vs Martin van der Vis with Absol/Gallade


This Deck is so lame….. Just because of the Absol. (I shouldn’t be talking I play 4 in Dark Wing Duck) Anyway… we both have a crappy start. 2 Turns without Energy, after a while we both get Energy and we start Baleful Wind each other away. Too late though he already had a quick Gardevoir wich gives him the setup needed to win.





Not bad I’m in Topcut and I’m first.


Top 4:


1 Maurice van den Bosch
2 Martin van der Vis

3 Erik van der Laan

4 Dennis Koks



Round 6 vs Dennis Koks with Sharpedo/Weavile


First Game


At first I was like how the hell did this make Topcut???? But seeing the Deck work was something else. He uses Weavile to power his Sharpedo’s and then attack with his sharks.

The nasty thing about Sharpedo is that whenever you damage him, he gives you 20 damage.

My Murkrows only have 60 HP. So we started playing. Both having a good setup. He makes a mistake wich gives me just the thing to make game. He dropped his 40 HP Carvana on the bench while I had a Honchkrow Lv X on the Bench and a Murkrow Active. So I Faint Attack for Game. He noticed and said: Nice move let’s play the other Game.





Second Game


He just gets the better Setup and let his sharks eat me alive…..



Third Game


Read Second Game………



So I finish 3th place pretty nice considering I didn’t sleep the night before.





Rob and Wesley for the fun and driving

Cherry Coke!

Burger King






Just 1: When I ran out of Cherry Coke…














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