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Pokemon Tournament Reports

From Rags to Riches

Rags (Exeggutor d/ Raichu d)
by David Bennett

Game Parlor
Woodbridge, Virginia

Saturday, March 10th, 2007
93 total participants (35 in masters)

   This was my second States ever and its been one of the longest pokemon events I've ever been to for  awhile. I was already a little nervous, but before the tournament Gonzalo and I had an early lunch at Subway. I've been playing the deck for a while and made my first version of it as soon as I saw William Hung's report on how Rags won nationals, so I was playing it already for 4 months.  I expected a lot of Metanite, Salamence ex and Flygod, so I teched in a crystal shard. Here is my list:
4 Exeggutor d
4 Exeggcute d
4 Raichu d
4 Pikachu d
4 Holon's Castform
2 Holon's Magnemite
4 Cursed Stone
1 Mr. Briney's Compassion
2 Energy Root
2 Warp Point
1 Windstorm
2 Cessation Crystal
1 Crystal Shard
2 Mary's Request
4 Holon Transceiver
3 Holon Mentor
1 Holon Adventurer
1 Holon Scientist
2 Holon Researcher
1 Holon Farmer
1 Heal Energy
3 Double Rainbow Energy
3 Scramble
4 Metal
So now on with the report:
Round 1 vs. Stephen the "Big Mouth" with Metagross (PK) and Mew (LM)
I set up early and he manages to set up Metagross ex after I knock out a few of his pokemon. I hit him first with Exeggutor when he is a metang, he KOs me. I send up Pikachu and attach a holon magnemite to my benched Exeggutor. He KOs all four of my Pikachus and draws 4 prizes. I wasn't expecting that. I send up Exxegutor attach a castform, I already have a benched exeggcute and I think I'm going to lose. Then I topdeck a mentor, get my last exxegcute bench it and KO for thye win. My thought was that he almost had me there.
Round 2 vs. Ryan Weber with GatrQueen
Ryan is from the Aardvarks league and I hear from Gonzalo that he is really good. Luckily I played Gatrqueen before and knew that I had to swarm with Raichu. I keep on early KOing him. I kept Cessation Crystal and Cursed Stone reasonably early. I take the early advantage and play from there. I get a caution for looking at my prize thinking it was my hand, but time runs out and I win. Ity was one of those games as always with GatrQueen where you can press an early ad=vantage, but eventually it will overpower you. That was also a good match.
Round 3 vs. Gonzalo with Scizor ex/ Kingler d
I have to be careful to not damage his Scizor ex too much and Kingler isn't any better. Gonzalo and I always play each other at the league, so no surprises, althought he usually wins. I keep on KOing so that he cannot set up properly and I prepare my Raichu for my last KO. I drew like mad looking for my windstorm. I put away my warp point I used. Then I look in my hand and saw that it was at the very beggining of my hand. I windstorm and metallic thunder the Kingler d for the KO.
Round 4 vs. Paul N. with Kingdra ex d swarm/ Fearow d
I shut him out early in the game with cessation crystal and take my first 5 prizes. He eventually gets rid of cursed stone and I can't get any more. I decide to attack full power with exxegutr, when I probably should have delta drawn. If I only had my other cessation crystal I would have zapped his Kingdra d with 10 hp left, but he built up some other one and defeated me.
Round 5 vs. Michael with BOOM (Banette ex/ Houndoom Unseen Forces)
I blindly swarmed into his trap and it was too late. He locked crysral beach on me and always got heads on his ER 2 and Reversals. I thought it was just like MewTric, but it wasn't. I shouldn't have drawn so much because he Copycatted and I should have either had Latilock in my deck or just have 2 Raichus set up. That draw he got even after the lock made it hopeless for me to win.
Round 6- vs. Kevin Wong with Arcanine ex and Eeveelutions
He starts with Holon'sd Voltorb. I attack with Pikachu he uses Prof. Elm's Training Method and evolves, I evolve to Raichu DRE, metallic thunder.  
 I didn't make the top 8, but I placed 11th anyway. I was extremely exhausted after the tournament. I was also trying to introduce my Houndooom/ Weezing deck to other people so that maybe it could be made better. I also noticed in the top 8 that 7 out of 8 were archetypes of some kind: Eeveelutions, BOOM, Metanite, and Rags. The only rogue deck was StingRay. Some decks seem to counter BOOM in some manner as well, such as with Latilock and I think eeveelutions counter it too.
Props and Slops
So tired after tournament, but at least I want to remember it....
David Bennett




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