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Pokemon Tournament Reports


City Championship Report Almere

Date : 1-21-2006

City : Almere


Because we had Random Rob’s birthday party in Amsterdam the night before I kinda woke up too late in the morning. I packed my stuff together slapt Kevin89 awake. So I left Rob’s house without a breakfast and then Me, Kevin89, Random Rob and Magic Marcel drove off to the Tourney.


When I arrived the TO told me I had 10 min left until the Tourney started. So I gave a little friend of mine a Euro to write me decklist.


I didn’t have any time to playtest so I went my Good Old MetaNite.


First Round Me vs Jimmy with Armaldo ex


Game 1 

I Agility his Mawile 3 times for the Ko after that he throws up his Armaldo ex but I had a powered Lugia Ex for the Game. 


Game 2


Read the first game.




Second Round Me vs Annemarie with Metanite


>_< Mirror lame hahaha. Anyway she plays Delta Rainbow energy and Copycat in her Metanite.  Ah well we played and I started with a Celebi Ex >_<. I finally got a setup and KOed pretty much everything she has. 


Game 2


We both have a decent setup but when I get my Metagrossen faster it’s clear that I play a better list. And go trough her Pokemon like a storm trough a city.




Third Round Me vs Benjamin with Delta


Game 1


And don’t have much of a setup so he Split Bombs my bench for the Game.



Game 2


We both have good starts and it really is evn trough the whole game until I searched trough my deck and realize that my last Dragonite and Candy are in my prizes.




Fourth Round  Me vs Gawein with Saltaria


Game 1


I kept on getting Dragon Mist with a Altaria ex so I had to do 3 Delta Draws with 3 different Castform’s. I finally got a setup to finally KO his Altaria Ex and his little Delta Altaria Ex was next when Lugia Ex did 400 damage.


Game 2


He got a upperhand in prizes but I retunred and took 2 with my Lugia Ex and a thirth with my Metagross after that the Judge calls time.




One more game and I’m in Top 4 >_<  Sweet


Fifth Round Me vs Corne with Scizor Gross


I knew he played the deck he always does so I thank God and Florens for convincing me to  tech in a Lugia Ex. We started playing we both a good starts but like I said I played Lugia ex.


Game 2


He got out 2 Scizor Ex wich I KO with Lugia Ex after that I killed Scyther and the Judge calls time.




I’m in the Top 4


Me vs Arco  with Bancham


Yay Bancham……..

Bancham makes my Metanite cry in the pance. Anyway I win my first game cause I can setup my Lugia Ex to take the last 2 prizes.


Game 2


I get a Gligar UF + Strength Charm in my face :-( and Castform didn’t like that.


Game 3


I get to KO a Banette Ex but he locks me deck completely after that with a Medicham.





For the Third and Fourth place I get to play another Mirror Match Yeah !



Me vs Martin with Metanite


Game 1


He get’s a better setup he wins.


Game 2


I get a better setup I win.


Game 3


Read game 2



Sorry for this short and undetailed review I owe you one for the next time.

I going to lay down now I’m still recovering from the weekend part in Amsterdam.




Kevin for the fun in Amsterdam

Rob for the Driving and weekend fun

Florens for the Lugia Ex Tech and the Friday Night Fun

Getting a Flygon d Ex and a Rayquza d Ex out my prize packs

Playing a CC without a Causion

Me for going third place

Water !!




Too many Metanite

The  Train

Dennis Koks for no reason at all





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